Wednesday, August 31

The Smeller AND The Feller

You know what gets me?
I mean, really puzzles me?

How dry it is here while northeast of us there are massive floods.
This lack of a weather pattern is ridiculous.
But that's all I have to say about that.

Look at the soybeans!

They are dry too...
So sad.

But the dry beans are not what I wanted to share with you today.
Lucky you.

Since I have been in a 'feeding frenzy' all week I have had extra time to think...
Thus I have made a few personal discoveries the first one being....

I am the smeller AND the feller

First the good news...

I gotta tell you I have a rockin' sense of smell.
I do.

I can tell who has been in my office as well as about how long ago they were there.
Obviously the fact that I work on a farm doesn't hamper the accuracy of my shnozzzzzzz.

I can also tell when my BF gets to Church...she took it the wrong way too.
One Sunday Chuck and I were sitting in the back our normal spot and we were wondering if our friends would make it to early service that day.
Low and behold ten minutes later I caught the scent of spearmint or peppermint..something mint.
I knew she was there. She always smells minty and good!
This is a GOOD thing!!

Anyway, after service we stood up to leave and I told her I didn't need to look to know they were there...
I smelled them when they walked in...

That was two months ago and I think she likes me again now.
But I'm telling you mint is a GOOD smell!!

...The bad news...

The other day at the gym one of my friends told me some super, great, wonderful, amazing news! But I couldn't tell anyone..this happens a lot.

Anyway, I had just walked in when he told me, and I congratulated him and gave him a big old hug!!

Twenty minutes later I was on the treadmill when a waft of farm-fresh cow-smellin' air tickled my nose...
Hmmmmm....that smells....familiar??
3 minutes pass then it hits me...
It's ME! OhMyGosh! I smell ME! Ugh....wait! I gave him a hug....awww man.
I looked but he had already left. 
I was ready to apologize and say something like..."Uh, I hit a cow on my way here...".
No such luck.

I would like to take this moment to formally apologize for my work-cow-smell and the way it wafts through the gym....

But I will still be there tomorrow.
I pay my dues just like you do.

So while I have been blessed with an out of this world smell-er, I am often the smell-y..
Wait...that came out wrong..

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