Tuesday, January 1

Bye Bye Chocolate and Rolls

But not like that!
Not chocolate and rolls as in cause-and-effect.


Just for 21 days.
The first 21 days of 2013 tobeexact.

Why, you ask?
I have lost my mind. I'm fasting in response to a challenge Pastor Brad posed in Church Sunday.
I have never fasted, I mean never really fasted. I have thought about it a time or two but never had that push to get going.
Ya know?

Speaking of crazy things people feed their dogs, let's give pancakes a big round of applause....
Don't. Feed. Yo dawg. Pancakes.
Or people medicine.
AND if your dog has part of its body hanging out of another part, don't wait TWO WEEKS before you decide to bring it to the vet, k pumpkin?
Same goes for fish hooks protruding from your pets mouth.

(See how I slid that advice in there very nonchalant-like?  Don't be like me.)

So yeah, Pastor Brad gave us a challenge and it was to fast something for 21 days.  I picked chocolate and bread..actually more like rolls because I rarely eat bread in any other form.
I was all like pshhhh! I.got.this. Now I wish I hadn't been so....vocal.
Way to be confident Carly.

But I mean really, I got this.
I gotta go call my mom...

Are you ready for the new year?
The old year was kinda dragging, huh?

Personally, 2012 was by far my favorite ever.  Ever. Rrrrrrr.
And here's a few reasons why...
(In no particular order.)

Umm, can we say there were some cute babies?

Wonderful visits from people very near and dear to our hearts:).

The cowgirl made her last ride...
 And this boy met his Uncle Chuck!

I cooked Caden dinner for the first time.
I found the missing Crayon..
Mercy lost a paw...
and I gained one!

Jarrod was Chuck's best man...

..but I think it was a close match;)

I grocery shopped with this guy almost weekly!
(There really aren't words, but I'm pretty sure he heard the "click" of the shutter here...)

I got yelled at a couple of times.

.And I didn't win the "herdswoman of the year" award...
 But mama was always there when I needed her most...
as well as Bossman.
Our families grew...

 And we became one.

 (Our jeans mighta grown some too...)

We relaxed a bit...
Got pampered a little..

And cared for the ones who couldn't do it themselves.

We learned new tricks..

played on new toys...

And sold some of them..
Chuck liked cats for 5 minutes..

Caden did too!! 

And we owned one for approximately 3 hours.

Hundreds of tractor hours were logged...

..and a few grays pulled.

I witnessed countless sunrises...

..and was never let down.

There were a few miracle babies...

..and just some we consider special...
We celebrated our first Christmas in our new home..

but there was a long line of "firsts"...
I said "goodbye" to my babies...

and "hello" to a new beginning.
2012 was a year of love letters...
and joy rides..
May God continue to bless your family this New Year, as he has blessed mine beyond measure!

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