Wednesday, August 10

How My Babies Roll(Video)

Do you ever have those days when something happens that puts things into perspective?
I mean, you didn't realize things were even out of perspective to start with.

This happens to me each and every time I have a new baby.
So, basically every day.
You think I'd learn.

There is just something about that little creature, all slimy and googly-eyed, that keeps me on track.
Keeps me from using my mouth more than my ears.
Shows me I'm not in control.

Sometimes these babies are born with my assistance but a good number are on their own.
Assisted or not they are living proof that instinct is taken for granted.
It is often overlooked, or put on the back burner in favor of logic.

That's not my point though.

Yesterday morning I headed out into my dry cow lot to check on my mamas.
I had a cow that had calved early early that morning as far away from civilization as possible.
That's how much they love me.

The ENTIRE journey to the end of the earth all I could think was:
I don't know why I didn't bring a tractor.
That baby is too young to walk.
It's just gonna lay there and I'm going to have to walk ALL the way back to get a tractor.
This is such a dumb idea.
Goh, that cake was SO good last night.

But I kept walking because I was too lazy to turn around and go back.
That's the truth.

I found her and her baby girl all alone and enjoying the morning.
I didn't want to disturb them but I knew it was going to get hot and they were entirely too far away from water.

Mama immediately recognized the "devil lady" and jumped up, but baby kept snoozing.
I should have brought a tractor because I don't feel like carrying 75 lbs of baby back.
But if I did, I could eat more cake...

I got baby girl to stand up and, keep in mind she is less than 12 hours old, she took off after her mom.
Good girl!
Now, watch the video and tell me this doesn't brighten your day...
OH, yeah I dunno why it's sideways, or how to fix that...but you can still see it....

Every time this happens I think about taping it because it's SO cute!
I mean, legs everywhere!

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