Saturday, February 23


I don't know what it's like to be an only child.

Times infinity.

I have heard from some that it's lonely(Glenn) and some who even seem fairly indifferent on the subject(Chuck). 
Personally, I was never given the option.

I mean, what would I have done without someone to cheat me in hide-and-seek?
Someone to walk me to Kindergarten and first grade? (I was cut-off after that).

I had a whole OTHER closet besides mine to rummage my own department store when she wasn't home.

Who would I have done the exact opposite of???
I could have been the "Golden Child"!!!
-Or a reason to stop altogether (seems more likely).

But I was born second.
And all the difference it has made.

Instead of idolizing characters in books, I had a flesh-and-blood idol living one door down from my room.
So what if her door was locked, the credit card trick always worked:).

 I would go in, lay on her bed or floor and we would talk about nothing and everything.
About friends, people at school or about what our "big plan" was.
I had no idea at the time, but she was it.

My mentor, counselor, tutor, fashion adviser and idol all wrapped up in one lovely package.
She taught me how to expect the unexpected, by always beating me to punch when it came to choosing the easier chores at the barn.

She provided the first ever "You're wearing THAT?!" uttered my way.

She advised me on how to be a good friend, and listener by always being honest when I needed advice.

I credit her with my "try harder" attitude, because she is the hardest working, most intelligent person I know.

When people ask about my older sister I'm certain I become all braggy-braggerson when I'm all like, Oh, Malinda?  Well, after college she went to grad school in reproductive physiology, then on to medical school and residency at Mayo, now she is a Neonatology Fellow at Mayo.
Um yeah, she's kind of a big deal.

And she is.

Besides her academic accomplishments, she is married to her best friend who was by her side through it all, and they have a 2 year-old who absolutely hung the moon!

Yeah, I'm totally bowing my chest out a little now, because she is my big sister.
I'm the lucky one, and I know it.
She was my first best friend, and not one single thing could ever come to close to the bond we have.

Malinda, you are as much a part of me as my heart and I wish you a very Happy Birthday:).

Thank you for just being you.


Friday, February 15

30 Reasons Turning 30 Ain't So Bad...

I'm not prepared for it, haven't ever really given it much thought...until now.

Otherwise known as "the death of my 20's".

I will admit the weeks leading up to it were much like preparation for my best friend moving away.
My twenties are moving away.
...and never returning.

Is 30 the point where people start saying, "age is just a number" and you start referring to yourself much like a "fine wine"?
Just curious.

Asking for a friend.
Not me!  I'm just 28!
Yes, 28 andtwentyfourmonths.

OK, fine.  I'm thurdy.
But it's OK.  Don't be sad.
There are plenty of reasons why turning thirdy ain't so bad!

....30 of them oddly enough!

#30.  It's finally OK to walk into the gym with a dryer sheet stuck to the back of your hoodie.
OK, that's a lie.  It's never OK.

#29.  It's easier to say than twenty-nine.
And it sounds younger.

#28.  You have stuff figured out by 30!
Unless you don't, in that case...

#27.  It's totally acceptable to freak out about not having your life figured out!

#26.  You can still shop at Forever21!

#25.   You're still not considered to be "in your thirties".
You're skirting the edge.

#24.  You feel so much more mature when you say, "no I'm not still in high school! I'm thirty", like you have totally won the not-looking-as-old-as-you-feel game.

#23. This will be my first birthday in a new home!

#22. With my very own family!

#21. With a hunky hubby!

#20. And a mortgage!

#19. I feel like, for some unknown reason, it has taken me 30 years to develop a real relationship with God and now that we are besties, all things are possible!

#18. It's the new 20.
Unless you're 20, then it's the new 10 orsomethinglikethat.

#17. I just taught myself how to french braid...whoa! 30 more years of THAT is what I'm talking about!

#16. Imagine how much more cooking I can do...

#15. ...and baking...

#14. ..and not folding laundry...

#13. I'm pretty sure I heard once that after one turns 30 they can pretty much stop counting, I mean you make it past your 20's unscathed...what more could anyone ask?

#12. I once fit-and lit-70 candles on a 9" cake.
Nuff said.

#11. I haven't even begun to show baby J why I am the best aunt ever.
Shouldn't take long though.

#10. I like to think that between helping raise my younger siblings, managing a dairy farm and working with small animals-that I have pretty well run the gamut on experiencing horrible smells.
It's really more of a challenge at this point.

#9. There's still lots of time to raise a little family!
Which is a good thing, I have experienced a lot during year 29, so I'd say nothing along those lines will be happening soon.

#8. Hey, speaking of horrible accidents causing lots of radiation during repetitive x-rays, I now KNOW why I don't need a horse.

#7. I finally figured out how to put a stop to wanting more in a small animal clinic.

#6. Every year I become closer to my siblings...I'm very thankful for that.

#5. 30 is the perfect time to start making up to mom for all the ways I screwed up and made her mad growing up.

#4. I continue to find out more and more about my husband and I love it!
Just wish I had found him sooner.

#3. It took 30 years but I have a Church to call home.

#2. We get to celebrate our first wedding anniversary!

#1. The very best thing about 30?
Being with the love of my life!

So maybe 30 ain't so bad:).
Love and many more years (hopefully!),