Monday, August 1

6690 Knows

She knows.
6690 just knows.

(Before the judgement begins I would like to let it be known that I did NOT make her 9's look like 9's..not g's..jussayin'.)

But wait..what does she know?

That it's time to eat?
That I am interrupting supper?
That I could very well be hiding one of those dreaded long pink gloves in my pocket?

She knows the Heat is back.
Back again.
Heat is back.
Tell a friend.

Sorry, Slim Shady took over there for a second.

Happiness has returned and is unpacking..a bit jet lagged..but back nonetheless.

Mercy came down to help me feed last night and his top priority was to inform me that he;
"could not find Hello Kitty ANYwhere"..
Oh lawsy, what.have.I.done.

He even asked.
Asked the South Africans if they had Hello Kitty.

Oh how I missed him..both of them.

They had a blast! But are glad to be back home as well.
It was cold there.
Like 20 degrees cold.
The teens is where my breaking point resides.
I know my limits.

I didn't know it got that cold in SA..did you?
How do they keep warm?

The Heat said they did not have ANY heaters..not in homes or schools.

Which reminds me it's nearing Winter here as well.
August.  Might as well be October.

I can't worry about that now.
Too many other things on my mind.

Like the animals of South Africa staying warm.
I can't even imagine the size of a Giraffes turtle neck.
I mean, that's A LOT of neck.

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