Saturday, August 13

Gino and I

Yesterday we had some pretty amazing cloud-cover.

It even made the sprayer look cool.

Like, totally.

OK, now remember this here picture?..
It's OK if you don't.
I don't expect you to.
No, really it's OK.
You got an F on the pop quiz.
But it's OK.

Now, look at zeeeeeesssss.....

A view from the bottom-end...
Kind of puts it in perspective.

We still have the left side to fill, but it is much smaller than the right.
And by "we" I mean me and, the mouse in my pocket, Gino.

He says "Howdy".

Not really.  I mean the corporation...Tim, Eddie, the Dictator Bossman, and I.

We won't start chopping and filling the other side until Monday, so guess what?
I'm leaving early today.

I can hear the Angels singing.

I am so flippin' tired.
For realzzzzz.

Chuck and I get to spend some time together..and I will tell you 3 things we will NOT be discussing...
1.  His job.
2.  My job.
3.  The economy.
OK, the 3rd one was a gimme.

We are hoping to get some lake time in before the rain..that would be super, amazing, fantastic.
Maybe I won't burn random parts of my body this time!
Anything is possible.

But before I can leave I have a bunch of work to do.
I spied a baby out in the field earlier so I am off to check on it..

I'm sorry, I mean Gino and I are off to check on it.
He is so sensitive.

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