Friday, August 19


I'll be honest.
I have about 36 reasons not to smile right now.
It's that kind of day.

But dwelling on 47 bad things is not the ticket.

So I'm holding onto hope, taking deep breaths, and keeping my chin up.
And smiling.

What else is there to do when the sky is so blue..
and the clouds are like pillows?

When you see a new baby and first time mama...

or an elderly couple taking a stroll?


How about when finicky eaters stop gazing over the fence...

and discover the grass is greener where they are?


Or when you see a bunch of kids get let out for recess..

only to find them gossiping in groups?


I'm going to smile because although I have 52 reasons not to...
I have over 200 telling me I should:).

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