Monday, August 15

Please Don't Pinch Me

I had 3 heifers today.
And one yesterday.
And one the day before that.

It's, like, 84 degrees outside.
Very little humidity.
With a nice, cool, constant breeze.
The Bobcat started on the first lick today.
My cows are making more milk.
All of my new babies drank their bottles this morning.

Now, wanna hear something funny?
Eddie broke the arm on the loader at 7 am.
The battery was dead on the mixing wagon when he went to use it.
He then ran the mixing wagon out of fuel, while he was using it.

There are two things I will be taking away from today:
1.  I'm glad Eddie came to work.
2.  I'll be buying a lottery ticket on my way home.

That is all.

P.s. Aren't the sunflowers loverly?

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