Monday, August 8

They Grow Up So Fast

The silage is dry,
I think I might cry.
The wind picks it up into the sky,
Oh why oh why is the silage so dry?

I'm a poet.

But see for is dry!

Dry is not good.
But we(YOU and I) will deal with it, right?

That's my big ol' hand holding some of the freshly-chopped corn silage.
I know it's mine because of the pink HK silly band.

And it's ugly.
Ew..look at the wrinkles!

I have wrist-rolls!

Actually my hand is angling the silage towards the camera...yeah that's it.

But if fat ankles are called "cankles" then would fat wrists be called "helbows" or "elbands"?
There's something to ponder.

I'm going to take more pictures of the chopping today because I hear what you're screamin'....
You want to see the action.
OK. I get it.

Here is the "before" picture of the pit...

I made it black and white because..dirt is ugly.
It's a trench..which means it is in-ground as opposed to an upright(tall, above ground).
You have seen them..they survive floods, tornadoes..nuclear war.

It also has a wall down the middle.
I helped build that wall...that's when I discovered my personal hell.

It takes me approximately 37 pings! of the hammer before I hit the nail.
It takes all kinds, I tell ya.

Ill take more pictures of the wall. Don't worry.

I made my own bolognese sauce last night..which I will take pictures of as well.
I LOVE homemade meat sauce....Heaven!

It was my own recipe too!
I am going to use it on my stuffed banana peppers own recipe as well.
If they turn out great I will post the recipe..
If they don't, you may not hear from me for a couple of days.

Today is also Chuck's first day at Norfolk.
I did what I could.
Packed his lunch, signed his papers, wiped my lipstick off his cheek and sent him out the door.

They grow up so fast.

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