Thursday, August 11

It's All About the Dew

Yesterday morning was a magical, magical morning.
70 degrees, some sun and clouds and dew.
That's right...dew.

It felt like a cool, fall morning and it was...amazing.
Never mind that the remainder of the day I sweated my butt off and had it in overdrive.
The morning was awesome.

So awesome that when I went to check my dry cows I took some pictures...

This is a beef cow.
I just wanted to point out the elephant in the field.

She is a "Tim project", taken from our beef herd and put out in the dry cow lot.
I'm almost positive that she is the oldest beef cow on.the.planet. 
It's OK my dairy cows aren't snobby, they respect her.

Moving on...

See..told ya they are pretty laid back.
They are enjoying the dew as well.

You have to say "dew" like you are going to put it with something like...
Dahhhhhling you will absolutely ruin your hem in the dew.

Just sayin'.

These two were discussing something private when I popped up.
It was about me.

I can tell.
3799 has it written all over her face.

Well, excuse me for livin' ladies.

Moving on...

This is Bob.
He's pretty chill.
'Sup Bob?

 He has that look all the time.
We named him Bob after Bob Marley.
I don't think I need to explain.

And around the corner what is this????

It's Mama-P and Chicky-P...
...and side together, criss-cross, ball-change....
...and again...

They practice their choreography in the mornings before it gets hot.

...Walk like an Egytiannnnnnnn...

Moving on...


  1. I just now found this because I clicked on your pic to look at the cow. This is the coolest thing ever, I love reading about your adventures for the day with your babies! It brightened my day! Beth

  2. Cool blog..found you in remarks at PW...

    I have a dog named Bob and another dog named Marley..! Check us out...

  3. Hey!
    Thank you Beth!
    I'll do just that Melinda!


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