Sunday, January 20

Dirty Windows and Banoffee Pie

Wow, it has been 20 days since I have graced you with my presence.
Please forgive me.

I think a good portion of the reason is that the Blogger app on my iPad really doesn't work very well.

Anyway, as I sit here, the sun is fiercely coming up beside me through my kitchen windows, illuminating the winter wheat planted in Mike's field...and the innumerable hand prints on my windows...


I do zees though...

A deep dish Banoffee pie. Yum!
If you have never heard of Banoffee pie, it is just how it sounds..BANanas and tOFFEE!
All wrapped up in a deep graham cracker crust, topped with freshly whipped cream and caramel.

That was after our dinner of steak, gravy, mashed potatoes and'sokIran5miles.

Speaking of running, I have been doing a lot of that now that my back doesn't hurt.  I'm pretty excited about this, and have been logging around 10 miles a week plus running the famed "stairs".  I have quickly become part of the "early crew" at the gym.  We, as a unit, tend to lift at the same time and end up on the cardio equipment together, acting as an audience for the non-"crew" people who venture in.  Last week it, when a guy came in wearing only a wife-beater, white compression shorts, tall striped socks and yellow sneakers, and proceeded to do high-kicks in front of the mirrors.
Lots of...emphasis.

So anyway, work has been going great!
When I am at the clinic, do the small animal gig, I typically work with 4 other women(1 of whom is a vet) and this little firefly...

Her name is Reece(like the candy), and she is all of a foot tall.
I call her Trixie, becauseIcan, and she enjoys throwing her ears back and running through the clinic, or stopping to scratch her back on anyone's foot that might be crossed and dangling at the perfect height.
I love her.

Last week was filled with strange small animal people, and even strang-er horse people.  I can't even start..

I will tell you though, that if you have a budding veterinarian in your life, make sure they understand all aspects of the career.
That it's not all puppies, and kittens and happy clouds.
There's a lot of sad situations and not every day ends happily.
We have had a young person job-shadowing at the clinic and is just figuring out the reality of what goes on.

Other than all that, things are going well!
How are you?
Are you keeping your New Years resolutions???
I haven't had bread or chocolate yet...but am planning my attack for tomorrow.
Thousand layer chocolate chip cookies are going to be my drug of choice.
Yep.  That's it.

21 days of no chocolate or bread and those are on the top of the list.  Who'da thunk it??

Here are a few pictures from my back yard that I took yesterday...(and I'm sharing because this is a captive audience)..

I hope you have a beautiful day, and week and I promise to be back in less than 20 days:).
Love and blessings,


  1. Handprints from a certain toddler I am betting :)

  2. No Malinda, you didn't know but Chuck is a window licker.


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