Tuesday, August 30

Climbing That Mountain

I haven't posted in a couple of days because I am deliriously tired.

How do I know when I'm tired?
When I have woken up three days in a row with the same thought:
 I think I'll take a nap instead of working out today.

I haven't, and I won't, but for some reason nap time is my first thought.

It's a mountain and the top will be reached on Saturday when Eddie gets back from vacation.
Or when I give up and move to Mexico.
I can habla...a little.

Besides if I moved to Mexico I would do what my workers do here.
They refuse to learn English and demand that YOU learn Spanish.
So not happening.

Until then I will just continue to get weirder.
I took this picture a couple of days ago of one of the new kittens climbing my leg...

She was pretty determined to get to my knee but didn't quite make it.
The little lady only does this when I am washing buckets at the calf barn because I am stuck standing in one spot.

Maybe it's exhaustion, or sheer curiosity, but I let her do it.
She made it up to my back pocket this morning and was just hanging out watching me wash up.

Then she threw her head back and screamed "belay OFF!" and jumped down.
(Delirious: When you remember climbing terms such as "belay" from your middle school climbing experience.)
I couldn't remember the word "sand" last night when helping Caden with his science homework, but I remember "belay".

The kitten cuteness will probably wear off when her claws get longer.

I have an important question having nothing to do with rock climbing or cats:

When you did your wedding registry was there anything that you were "so glad" you put on your list?
Anything you couldn't live without?
I mean, besides a tortilla press...I already put that on there.

I am embarking on the registry thing and I feel like there is something I'm not thinking of....

OH and another thing...
I thought I had the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies EVER but then I made the King Arthur Flour recipe(http://www.kingarthurflour.com/) the "KAF guaranteed chocolate chip cookies" last night and....
NOW I have the best recipe ever.

You should try it when you get home, or now...

"Belay ON!!!"....


  1. OK...here are the things I love.


    I use this thing all the time, though this one looks cool too (and might be the one I purchase next time if this one ever breaks- which it hasn't)


    I also love this


    and this:

  2. oh and though I have 2 sets of mixing bowls like these


    these colors are gorgeous!

  3. Oh my gosh thank you so much!
    That really is helpful:).

  4. I'm of no help...Mark and I registered for nothing but camping gear!! We got the most awesome Coleman tent, camp stoves, air bed, camp cook set, lodge cast iron pots and a lifetime supply of bug spray. People thought we were nuts.

  5. Really though....register for EVERYTHING you would go buy for yourself if you had a bazillion bucks in the bank....and don't forget some non-kitchen things for Chuck. But I don't know where you can register for gun holsters?


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