Wednesday, August 17

It's Time

So.  How are you doing?
Oh I'm fantastic!
Hmmmm? What was that?
Ohhh the can never be too cautious.
Especially when you're working on the raaaaaaiiiiillllllrooooooaaaaaaddddd!
Yes, alllllll the live long daaaaaayyyyyy!

Maybe it's the weather, or maybe it's the fact that I caught Eddie doing nothing so I made him feed last night.
Whatever it is, I feel refreshed this morning.

Since Eddie was so generous and offered to feed for me, I had a tiny bit more energy when I got home yesterday evening.
So I did what anyone else would do.
I made ice cream.
What? Isn't that what you would do?

OK, then I went out to eat with Chuck and Saigon and had a wonderful dinner.
Chuck had been in Chattanooga training all day so I was looking forward to seeing him.
After dinner they went to Cadens' baseball game and I was determined to go to the craft store for some wedding...stuff.

I thought I knew walking into the store exactly what "stuff" I was looking for.
However, when I entered the craft cave I was overwhelmed with the glue-stick smell, paper flowers and wooden-flute music and lost all sense of direction in my life.

What's my name again?
Yes, I'm here for a frame.
No! Not a frame...some card stock for my scrapbook. I have a scrapbook?

Anyway, I finally found a "safe zone" in the yarn corner and gathered my thoughts.
OK Rachael. Focus. You are here to look at the wedding things.
Oh yeah! I'm getting married! Awww I love Chuck..what a sweetie.
Rachael.Wedding aisle. Now.

After I regrouped I crawled out of the yarn bin and headed for aisles 2 and 3....and 4, 5, 6....
Oh goodness.  I probably spent 15 minutes in the wedding aisle.
I decided it was time to leave when I realized I wasn't getting anywhere.
So I took the bright pink feather boa off, and the pink "bride" hat, and the sunglasses with wedding bells, and the bejeweled "bride to be" well as the garter belt...and slowly backed away.

Pssshhhhhh..that place was a bust.
I didn't need to buy anything anyway.

So I went to Target.

Where else do you go when you don't need to spend money?
Target! Duh.

After a good 45 minutes I had a pair of pants, shower curtain liner and a box of cereal and was headed to check-out..then I saw her.
She saw me too.

The Kitty.

It took me exactly .3 seconds to add a couple more necessities to my score and high-tail it outta there.
I suddenly had a mission.

It had become clear that it was, indeed, time.

So, this morning, after Chuck wakes up and is getting ready for work he may or may not have a badge-friend, and gun-buddy and a training manual page-marker.

And I may or may not have a temporary tattoo....

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