Tuesday, August 23

Rough Hands...Warm Heart??

I can't find my gloves.
This is a problem.
This wouldn't have been a problem 2 years ago.
But it's a problem now.

See, two years ago I didn't really care what my hands looked like.
They were just...hands.
I had really just taken over the dairy and had much more to worry about than hands...pfffft!
I mean really, give me a break.
Calluses are OK..it keeps your skin tough..right?

During this time the Bossman and I were talking regularly and I would frequently eat lunch at the house.
On such an occasion, it was winter out, colder than..cold..and I was lookin' fantastic in my Under Armour skin-tight cold gear sitting at the table eating chili, when the Bossman shuffles toward me...

Oh no. What did I forget to do?

Now, he will always be the oldest man I know however he only shuffles at home, for some unknown reason.

He is headed straight.for.me.
Quick! Avert your eyes!
If you don't see him maybe he won't see you!

Next thing I know he is rightBehindMe.
He grabs my hand, holds it thisClose to his face and says:
"Sister, have you been putting lotion on your hands?"
Well good gosh.

"Uhhhh...yeah..I mean..uh..sometimes" I say confused.
"Well you need to wear gloves AND put lotion on. No one is going to want you with hands like that."
Then he walked off saying:
"Momma, where's that lotion I had?"
I'll be a monkeys uncle.

Does he really care about the texture of my hands?
Is he trying to marry me off in fear he will have to take care of me forever?
The lotion thing doesn't normally come up in conversation with Teddie(Tim and Eddie, the unit).
I could just see Tim, out in the field working on the combine...
"OK all finished. Now where did I put the Aveeno?"
Then Eddie would say:
"Beats me, last time I saw it was when you were trimming your cuticles. Look beside the grinder."

That just doesn't happen.

So I listened to dad...because I work for him.
Bought gloves..with my hard earned paycheck.
AND lotion, because, well because Malinda said it was the best and she will always be my first best friend ever.
And she's a doctor.

Do you know what happened?
My hands became quite nice.
Well, nice as in a farmer who wears gloves and lotion, nice.
Not hand model nice...
Or magician nice..


Now look at what happens after approximately 3 days without gloves...

A gate fell...

..and my cat-like reflexes were still taking lunch..

I know what you're thinking and the answer is "yes".
I know how ugly my man-hands are.
Let's try and keep the nasty comments down, shall we?

Oh, just so you know I  met Chuck before the hand lotion entered my life.
Some people can see beyond rough hands thankYouVeryMuch.

Now please excuse me while I go soak my hands in peroxide and try and remember where I left my gloves.

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