Wednesday, August 3

Dog People

This is RowdyRoo when she could see.
Pretty little thing, huh?

OK, now this is me..on the can.
har, har, har.



I think you get the point.

Now let me ask you this;
Do you think we look alike?

I mean, do you?

It's just that every time I drive through my apartment complex I see people walking their dogs.
No biggie.
But their dogs look just like them.

That's been on my mind.
I know, I'm thisClose to curing...something I'm sure.
I have been thinking about dog-people ever since I saw the little Yorkie with the bandanna two days ago...
It was just so happy to be outside!
It was bouncin' and jumpin' and yippin'..and I think peein', the whole time.
I watched as this little tan cupcake danced her way across the parking lot, with hair in a puff on top of her head and a little pink bandanna on.
Much like this one..

It was not this one..I found this online to help illustrate my point.
Which is that people do ridiculous things when they love their animals.

Actually my point was following the york-cake, or cup-orkie.

A teeeny tiiiiny little elderly lady was being drug across the asphalt by this pint-sized priss.
That's how small the lady was.

Anyway the owner, I swear, looked JUST like her pup.
It was scary.

From the "natural" blond (80 year old) hair, to the pink bandanna SHE had around her neck...
They were twins.

It was creepy.
I didn't stick around to see which one of them needed the baggie though.

I'm not even going to get into the Bull Mastiff and his owners.
You can thank me later.

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