Monday, August 22

Like Two Ships...

It is because I realized that all I have to offer are pictures of either cows, cats or corn, and because these are my faithful followers, I decided to show you these here pictures....

Yes, that would be my foot as well.
They are waiting, ever so patiently, on their milk.

Creamy kitty doesn't understand why no one else is disgruntled.
She reminds me of a kid lost in the mall who just sits down and cries.

You should see them after the feeding frenzy...
All stretched out on their side, big bellies full of milk...oh to be a cat.

To be a cat and only have to think about eating, bathing and sleeping in the "hammit".
A "hammit" for those of you who do not know, is what Tim calls a hammock.
It took me forever to figure that one out.

The cats had it easy this weekend, I however did not.
I called the vet at least once every day since Thursday.
Thursday I called like 7 times.
I even called UT and was quite put-off when the vet on-call was trying to give me directions..
Dr. KnowItAll: " you know where UT is?"
Me: "Yes...I went there..."
Dr. KnowItAllWhoDoesNotListen: "OK you know where the play football in Knoxville?" that like where they throw the ball or hit it with a stick?

I stuck with my vet after that.
Needless to say the past 4 days have been loooooong.
Why don't people listen?
Better yet, why don't they think for a hot minute before they speak?

I had a guy pull in at the commodity shed while I was feeding late Friday afternoon.
I was on the loader hauling tail in a cloud of hominy when a shiny SUV appeared behind me.

Woooaaaaahhhh nelly!
We are all lucky I happened to look before backing up.

I need to start doing field work, that way I can disappear on the tractor for hours on end.
I am entirely too visible to not be a people person.

Anyway, I cut the throttle and gave them the "and what can I do for you today" look.
Guy driving: "Did you know you have cOWs out?" (He really stressed that "OW" part.)
Now, let's think about this question....

-If I knew I had "cOWs" out, do you think I would be here doing this?
No, I would either be there or send someone there to deal with that.

I understand he had the best intentions.
And I could have responded with a number of things:
-"COWS? We have COWS?"
-"They are free-range."
-"I put them there."
-"They aren't cows, they are heifers.  Not every bovine is a cow."
-"Let's go get them in, you lead the way!"

Boy that last one would be priceless!

Maybe I'm different.
OK, I'm different.
But I think, way too much, about things before I say them or write them.
It's nothing for me to take 3 days to respond to an email because I am thinking about how I will respond.
I'm not worried about it, I just like to say what I mean.
I think about every aspect, then make an informed decision.

A while back the Heat made the comment that my dad(Bossman) and I pass each other "like two ships in the night"...
That very accurately describes what happens to a relationship when you work ForYourDad.
Take note.

Chuck picked up this phrase and has been butchering it ever since.

He doesn't mean to, and honestly I think he doesn't expect me to listen to what he says.
But I do.
I so do.

Last night we walked by each other and he looked at me and said...
" two ships in the wind...."

I smiled at him because I love him.
And because that made no sense at all.

But mostly I smiled because somewhere along the way I have shown him that he doesn't have to make sense to make me happy.

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