Tuesday, August 9

Back, and Forth

First, you must look at the cake...

Oooooooooh, Aaaaaaaah

Now, we will discuss this.

The picture above is all I saw yesterday.
It's the view from the "cockpit" of the Valtra front-end loader.
I could die.

You know what you get when you are caught milling around, taking pictures of the silage pit, evidently "appearing" to have nothing better to do?

You get a "new" job.
That's what you get.

Early yesterday morning that is what happened.
I was headed to do something else, terribly important mind you, and Tim caught me snapping pictures.

Tim: "Hey cutie what are you doing?"
(He calls me "cutie" when he wants something. It makes me throw up a lil in my mouth.)
Me: "....uh...taking pictures?"
(I phrased it like a question...I'm not sure why.)
Tim: "Good. Then you can pack silage today."
He said it like I was the 8th caller and I won tickets to a concert.
Me: I actually couldn't talk. I was struck with dread...like "butIDontWanna" dread.

The rest of the day was spent going back, and forth across the pit pushing loads of silage.
Back, and forth...
Back, and forth...

I HATE driving tractors.
Back, and forth..

It's sooooo boring.
Back, and forth..

So I planned dinner.
Back, and forth..

And it turned out really good!
Back, and forth..

I made stuffed banana peppers, which was basically stuffed shells only I used peppers instead of pasta.
Back, and forth..

But since I'm such a lo-carb fanatic I made angel hair pasta to go with it.
Back, and forth..

And garlic bread.
Back, and forth..

And sausage balls.
Back, and forth..

And a 6...SIX....layer chocolate cake.
Back, and forth..
Irish cream ganache in between each layer.
Back, and forth..

Dark chocolate ganache as icing.
Back, and forth..
And chocolate chips on top.
Back, and forth..

I'll tell you more later.
I gotta go take Chuck to work so he can get his fancy-shmancy Durango....

Some guys have all the luck.

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