Thursday, August 4


That's Jillion..the one chewing..she's one of my girls.

Her mama's name is Jessica who I bred to a bull named Million.
Therefore being the creative-force I am, I named her after them both..Jillion.

....and I thought her full name, M-Burkhart Million Jillion, would be funny..... pretty...

Anyway, last night Chucks friends and extended family at the sheriff's office gave him a going away part-ay!
Daaaaawwwwww...I know:)

It was to be a "surprise"..but the plans were foiled moments before the big event.
Dadgum shame, it was.

Wednesday nights are our "date nights" so the fine people planned it for that evening, knowing we were going out.
I, being the super-sleuth I am, told Chuck that the Heat(mom) had given me a gift card to the restaurant they were having it at, and suggested that we go there...
Chuck took the bait and thought it was a grrrreat idea!
So I patted myself on the back and bought somethin' pretty.

Just kidding..but I felt pretty accomplished.

As we were walking to the truck to head over to eat, Chuck gets a text and gives me the "you're not foolin' me girlie" look..
So I grabbed the phone and smashed it under my foot then I set it on fire! HA!

Just kidding..I believe my face turned red and I said something like "...wut????".

Someone, who is now dead to me, texted Chuck to tell him he was sorry he wouldn't be there.

I believe Chuck continued to inquire about this "event" however I'm not sure because I was too busy grinding my teeth and poking the voodoo doll I made out of gum wrappers and hair clips from my purse.

I'm crafty like that.

Naaaawww, I'm just teasin', he was still very much surprised and humbled by the gesture.

16 years with these guys and gals is tough to leave, however knowing that they support him and his decision least I think it does..I'm not him though.

I do know one thing..tomorrow will be hard for him and he will need all the support he can get.
Don't tell him I said that though.

The people are what he will miss the most..his guys and gals..his buddies.

But we're not moving away!!!!
We will still be here..Chuck and Rachael..Chachael.

And Hello Kitty!
Who is currently planning her first attack on the railroad.

Stay tuned;).


  1. I sure hope it wasn't Stevie cause he told me he was busy and couldn't go.

  2. I'm good, just checked with my man and it wasn't him- thank goodness! His words to me were no it was a surprise! lol


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