Sunday, August 14

How My Babies Roll 2:The Dark Side(Video)

Have you ever seen the movie "Love and Other Drugs"?
Gosh! What an emotional roller coaster!

At first you're like WOW that's a lot of nudity...
..I can't believe I am watching this...
..Should I cover my eyes?...

Then you're like Awww she's sick...
..that's so sad...

Followed by he is such a jerk!

Then at the end you're crying.
Or, at least, I did.

Probably won't watch that one again.
But it was a good story..of love..and other things.

Chuck and I rented it after spending the afternoon on the lake.
I only burned my nose this time.
Poor shnozzzzz....

I love spending time with him especially on the lake.
I figured out why I like the lake SO much....wanna hear it?
Sure ya do...

I love being there, with him, because there is nothing else I can do but sit there and enjoy the company.
If I am home I CAN"T just sit there..I feel like I have to be cooking

On the lake I can't multi-task.
I can spend quality time with my honey.

Alright I'm done.

So you know how I mentioned yesterday that I had to run an check on my new baby I spotted?
(Well, I did. You should read the post it will catch you up;).)

I walked out to the field and saw the baby(girl) nursing and mama(6185) was going nuts licking her.
Then mama turned around...

Mama had two, very large, feet sticking out...not her own mind you...
First though was that she must be having twins..the one nursing does look a bit small...

About that time I was almost taken out when a crazed "dingo-got-my-baby" heifer came buzzing by me..
Nope.  That's her baby nursing 6185.

They can't ever make this easy.

How do they not realize that they are about to give birth to a 75-85 lb animal??

So I got everyone into the barn and pulled 6185's calf.  A bull.  A big bull.
She was lovin' it.

Thought she had two for the price of one.
So I let her keep them both for the night, since she was all about feeding them.

I brought the little girl's C-R-A-Z-Y mama on up to the barn to be milked.
She is a nut job.
And I have a feeling that when baby girl grows up she will follow suit.
My suspicions are justified in what I am about to show you.

You know the sideways video that I posted showing the baby following her mom to the barn?
Relatively calm.  Just trotting right along...

That's not always the case.
Sometimes they go to the "dark side".

At less than 12 hours old you would think they would all be laid back, sleepy, hungry..etc.
You would be wrong.
A good 65% of them DO NOT WANT TO BE TOUCHED by anyone but their mom.
This makes my job difficult.

Sure, I could just throw them in the bucket of the tractor, or carry them in my arms...if I catch them...

I corralled this little jewel and, based on how that went, I decided to try and tape her attitude toward me.

In the recording you will hear my(yucky-sounding) voice and ALL I am doing is trying to get her to turn around...
She is NOT having ANY part of it..
(Oh and turn the sound up, not way up though or it will scare sure scared me anyway.)

Like I'm killing her.

I can't wait to climb into her pen tonight and try to feed her a bottle for the first time.
I can almost feel the bruises on my shins already...keeps things interesting I guess:).

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