Saturday, August 27

When Life Gives You Eggs...Make Quiche?

I was going to write a new post this morning.
I had every intention of engaging you in some sort of cute, witty tale of cows, cats or corn.
Because we all know those are what I bring to the table.

But no such luck.
You can thank whoever egged my truck.
Yes. I walked out the door in the neighborhood of 5 a.m and went to get in my truck, and noticed that the drivers side door had been egged.

Who does that?

Someone who doesn't like chickens?
Then don't buy eggs!
Were they bad eggs?
You obviously shouldn't buy eggs if you won't use them!

Maybe they think I'm a chicken farmer..
Surely not.

Anyway, for some reason my poor Tacoma was targeted among the sea of other cars both foreign and domestic...
Had to throw that in so you know it wasn't a hate crime.

I told Chuck that I couldn't have made anyone mad..
I mean, I don't live in the real world. I just sleep there.
I live in the land of milk and babies...remember?

I can prove it.
Here is my little lady born yesterday morning..

She appears lost.
She thought she was until I walked out there and put my arms around her to pick her up..
then she jumped which caused her backbone to briefly clothesline me.

It was touch-n-go there for a minute.
I just knew my engagement ring had been wedged into my jugular.
But it wasn't.
No need to panic.

There she is lookin' all knock-kneed.

Maybe I'll get my writing mojo back in the morning.
We can only hope.
'Til then if you need me I will be feeding..something.

Here is a rough breakdown of my shhhhedule for the next FOREVER..or until Eddie finds his way back:
-Wake up
-Feed myself
-Feed my babies
-Feed milking cows
-Feed cats and 'coons
-Treat cows
-Feed dry cows
-Feed myself
-Feed my babies
-Feed cats
-Feed milking cows
-Feed myself

Pretty straightforward.
If you're hungry come find me..especially if you like eggs;).

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