Thursday, August 25

3:15 in the a.m.

3:15 a.m. is my least favorite a.m. there is.
It makes my normal 4:50 a.m. look like a superstar.

I have met it coming in before..after a long night back in the day.
Waking up to it will never be easy for me.

It makes me feel old, and sad, this.....

Like I have a big dog sitting on me.
Poor Kirra, she really is always the "underdog".

Anyway I was forced to make nice with 3:15 this morning so that I could get up and test cows.
Testing cows, for the few people who don't know, is when you weigh each cows milk individually and send a sample out.
This, although just one milking, gives the herdswoman an idea of how that cow and the rest of the herd are doing in their stage of lactation as well as how they are responding to their feed, climate, etc.

Back when I was much much younger, two years ago, I decided that instead of paying someone to do this for us, I would just get up early and do it!
What's the big deal?!

Now that I am much much older I realize the importance of leaving well enough alone.

I could always change my mind I guess, unfortunately that would be like backing down from a challenge.
I'm far too stubborn to do that.
Plus what's a little sleep anyway?  Sanity. Loss of sanity.
But hey I only have 104 more to test this morning!

100 down, 104 to go.
I got this.

Oh and just a heads-up, Eddie starts vacation tomorrow and will be gone until next.Sunday.
This is important for you to remember in case during that time I seem a bit "off" or offend anyone.
I don't mean's the sleep deprivation talking.
Chuck already noticed Happiness getting the "long trip" suitcase out of storage.

Tim and I will be splitting Eddies job as well as doing our own.
I will get the feeding, fueling, and random work.
Tim will get the hiding, and acting like he's

Wow, 3:15 cuts to the core.

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