Sunday, July 31


I love this picture..even though the calf is a bull.
I still love this picture.

It takes me back to my high school photography days...
Yes, I did actually take a photography class..or two.  I'm just hiding my mad skills.
Yeah, that's it.

I was all about light..finding the light and getting the best angle.
Not hardly any actual "skill" involved.
That's why I'm not a photographer.

Not to be confused with the reason I'm not a doctor, or lawyer, or accountant, or...fishmonger.
I digress.

I'm a light lover.  Lover of light. 
Maybe that's why I'm also optimistic?
I think so.

My 5 am cup is never half empty...all SEVEN days of the week.
My alarm goes off, I never hit snooze, I POP right up out of bed and go to work to take care of my animals.
They are why I am here.
I haven't had a whole day off since February and I didn't even get to sleep in then..darn 'minor' surgery.

But my light keeps shinin'.
And my babies keep bawlin'.
And my cows keep milkin'.
And I keep goin'.

Until Sunday.
On Sunday my heart, my body, and my thoughts all hit 'reset'.

Historically speaking, Sundays here have always managed to be triple 'D' days.
Death, Disease and Disaster.
If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen on a Sunday.
For some reason.

But no matter how triply bad today is..tomorrow is a new one.
One to look forward to and never worry will worry about itself.

The light is always shining somewhere.
You just have to trust that it's there.

Thursday, July 28

Shmelly and The Card

Here is the baby I had yesterday..

It's a bull.
And he is wrinkling his nose at me.

 He is one of the 5 calves I have had since Monday...only O-N-E was a heifer.
Snake eyes.

Oh well, at least they are all healthy!
Not to mention Lil' Wayne (my Angus calf) LOVES me!
He will suck the bottom out of a bottle of milk in seconds with his tail wagging the whole time:).

I love him.
I'm not going to sell him...though I have had offers.
I'm attached to the little guy and I may just keep him like 'Norman' on City Slickers..
That was his name right?
I can't remember.

My younger sister Taylor has been helping me feed calves in the afternoons since Mercy is not here.
She is sweet.
And shy, and quiet, and teeeeeny tiiiiiny.
She was 3 months premature when she was born so 'little' is more than likely how she will stay.

Taylor comes down to the barn each afternoon in her old clothes.
They swallow her and she looks homeless.

We talk for a few minutes then she waters and grains the calves while I feed milk.
It's a system and it works.

This is Ellie, or "Shmelly", as I call her..
Pretty isn't she?
Shmelly is Beenie's dog and she is very energetic, wild, and sneaky-smart.
This is muy importante.

Yesterday when I finished feeding calves I got on the loader and went up to start feeding my dairy cows.

OK, when you're on a tractor you can't hear ANYthing people.
So if I get a phone call from someone who knows I am on said device, annoyance settles in.
I can't help it.
I don't usually answer unless I don't recognize the number because if I answer I have to yell, "HOLD ONNN!" while I turn everything off.

I am in the middle of loading feed into the mixing wagon and my phone starts vibrating.
It's Taylor.
Taylor is calling me from 100 yards away.
My eye starts to twitch.
I don't answer.

5 seconds later my phone vibrates again.
I can feel my pulse in my ear.
It's a text from Taylor.
It said "I think Ellie ate the card".

The card Taylor is speaking of is the internet card.  It's about the size of a roll of electrical tape.
I wouldn't put it past her, but I seriously doubt she ate it.

I send Taylor a text back;
"You better hope she didn't."
Seemed concise, polite-ish, and effective.

She texts back;
"What do I do?"
I could scream.

I unload the mixing wagon for my high group of cows, get off the stinkin tractor, walk 200 feet away and call her.
Me: "What happened?"
Taylor hysterically crying: "I put the card beside the stairs and when I turned around it was gone and Ellie was there."
Just breathe.
Me: "Taylor I really don't think she would eat it, did you look for it?"
Taylor still.crying.:" wasn't where I left it..."

I quickly envisioned her sitting in the house boo-hooing about the tragedy and all of my emotions welled up inside me and I exploded:

I hung up.

3.5 minutes later I get another text.
It's from Taylor.
"I found the card".

You know in the movie A League of Their Own, when Tom Hanks wants so badly to yell at Evelyn but he doesn't, he just nods and shakes all over?

That's how I felt.

Now, please excuse me while I dive into the black hole that is wedding invitation land.

Wednesday, July 27

My Cuhluhs

"My cuhluhs aw blush and bayashful"
"Her cuhuluhs aw pink and pink"
 THOSE two movie lines are the only things going through my head right now.

Love some Steel Magnolias.
Blush and bashful will NOT be my wedding "cuhluhs" just so you know.

I'm deep...deeeeep into wedding planning/worrying/stressing/crying right now.
I did cry yesterday.
Yep. Standing there at the holding pen watching my cows come over to be milked...crying.
Just a little though.

I was overwhelmed not with stress..though I probably should be.
Not worry.
Not fear.
It was an overwhelming sensation of how blessed I am.

Sounds a bit cheezed up, I know.
But it's true.

Chuck texted me and told me he just finished laundry and folding clothes and I texted him back with how blessed I felt...
So he responded with "It's just laundry..but OK...".
Whatever.  Deep down he knows what I meant.

Just so you know the wedding will be small..kinda like the Royal wedding.
I kid.

Small wedding, handmade vintage-inspired dress, wonderful photos, closeclose friends and family.
And Chuck.
I need to remember him.

I'm getting things done slowly, in my own way.
Between breeding/watching heats/medicating(not self)/and pulling calves.
Psssssshhhhhh I got this!

Found a photographer I like...check!
Song to be played during ceremony..check check!
Date, time, location secured..check check check!
Dress to be made in the Fall...chyyyyeck!

Basically done now.
Not. hardly.

Currently into INVITATIONS (those I hear are important)...
and bouquet "inspiration" whatever that is.

At the moment: "cuhluhs".  I just wish Truvy could come ova.

Tuesday, July 26

Good Luck Chuck!

Have you seen that movie "Good Luck Chuck"?
That's not what this post is about but it's a really cute film.
To be honest I often relate it to my Chuck.
As in "Good luck Chuck, you're marrying a dairy farmer".
Or "Good luck Chuck, I saw her at the store and boyeeee did she smell bad".
Maybe it's that sometimes I do this....
And send him a picture of his prized lady:).
Oh well.

This is about my honey and his NEW job!
(I don't say woot in real life but I can here..that's how it works.)

This is what he does now..
He is currently a Sergeant for the Sheriff's Office and is also the K9 handler for Zeny-the bomb dog.
He has other responsibilities there as well but I'm not going to get into them because I would mess them up.
And more than likely offend someone.
That's how it works.

This is his sixteenth year there and he is fixin' to embark on a new journey...
It's pretty scary.
I mean goodbye comfort....hello GPS.

It's great though and he is excited.
He will be working for Norfolk Southern Railroad as an officer, then will become an agent next year.

He will not be on the trains, he will be one of two officers for this territory.
And that's as far as I'm going with that because, once again, I would mess it up.

It's really a great opportunity for him..and us..and our future.
And he is wonderful and very deserving of it.

I mean look at him...
What a guy:).

And I am behind him 100%...and so is Hello Kitty and I can proove it;

Chuck was getting ready for his interview with the railroad and he had one of those leather folders for his resume' and information sitting on the counter...
I don't know how I did it, but I managed to keep HK and the enormous Crayola Orange marker out of the folder!
They tried to wiggle their way in but I envisioned Chuck opening his folder to a HUGE HK sticker inside, and pulling out his Orange Crayola marker instead of a pen...and I sad no, no, no.

I'm so good to him.
Oh the places Hello Kitty will go...

Monday, July 25

Bunch of Kids

I DID NOT alter this picture in any way..I promise.
I'm taking it as some sort of prelude to my future children.
And I'm praying.

After I fed calves yesterday I went back down to take a few pictures of them with my phone.
Four of the girls anyway.
I ran out of time trying to get them to act like somebody instead of making faces like the one above.

She is a character.
It's a great visual of their teeth though, don't ya think?
Which reminds me I need to make a dentist appointment.

This one is the quiet one of the bunch.
I like her freckly nose;).

I imagine her to be the shy, well-mannered child.
Unlike the toothy one above who reminds me of the girl in Kindergarten who used to drool on all the toys.
She got really excited.
I always ended up in her group.

This little lady is the beauty.

Like the girl in school who might not have had the perfect figure or wore the trendy clothes..but everyone wanted to know her.
You know the one.
The one who was born with eyeliner on so she never had to apply makeup.
She was just different. And pretty.

She is the youngest.
As well as most mischievous.

She enjoys playing the "I'm not going to eat" game, until you try to take her bucket away.
The she plays the "what are you trying to do? STARVE me?" game.

She also picks up rocks with her mouth (as opposed to her hooves) and puts them in her water.
Maybe they add flavor?
Maybe she likes watching me fish them out?
Or, maybe she wants her water "on the rocks"?

I'll get back to you.

This little fella is a new "acquisition".
As you can see he is not my typical dairy baby.

I got back to work from Church yesterday to a flat tire on the Bobcat.
But that's not the story.
That's just the story of my life.

Anyway, got back from Church, and I got a phone call from a guy telling me there was a calf in our Angus field who was standing by the road lookin "poorly".
Seeing as I can't stand the thought of a calf not eating, I took off and found him.
Standing by the road lookin poorly.
Momma had left him.

I climbed through the fence to grab him and he immediately turned around, went "BAAAAA" and head-butted me in the knee.
Not so poorly after all.

Expecting to find some sad, weak little soul, I didn't bring any twine to tie his legs with.
So I improvised, because I'm a farmer and it's what we do.
I tied his feet with a rubber strap.
That's why he is in the position he is in that picture.

I made him eat last night, therefore he does not love me...yet.
But he will.

***Update on Mercy, the Heat and Chuck***
South Africa is going well...she has called me every day..and I have cried every day.

Chuck is on round 2 of banana pudding, has not come off the couch since Thursday, and is in quite a bit of pain.
The chicken and dumplings have made him happy, however I am going to try some risotto on him later.
I feel like this update is right at home in a post titled "Bunch of Kids".

Saturday, July 23

The Delay

I will always remember this as the time banana pudding saved the day.
Banana pudding and pain killers.
I mean..not together.  Totally separate.

Chuck successfully had 4 teeth extracted, said some goofy stuff, waved like a 3-year old to the ladies at the drugstore, and made it home.
4 teeth people.  That's a bunch.

By the time I made it home he was heavily medicated and had gauze-stuffed chipmunk cheeks.
He was also starving.
Unable to master the chicken and dumplings he turned to the banana pudding and is alive only because of it.
That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

That was one worry checked off my list.
The next worry will be continuous..or til next Sunday when the Heat and Mercy return.

Yes they made it to South Africa!
The Heat called me Thursday when they landed to tell me they were fine.
I don't normally answer random numbers..or my Dad..when they pop up on my phone however she took the satellite phone and when fourteen numbers appeared I knew it was her.
Heat:".......Well hey there!"
Me:"How ar---"
Heat:"Can you hear me? HELLO?"
Me:"....yes, I can. I mi----"
Heat:"HELLLLOOOOO? Are you there?"
Heat:".................Yes I can. We are here!"
Me:"Great! Well I ca-----"

The only thing I got from the conversation was that they were in baggage claim and they were OK.
Evidently there is a delay on the phone.

She called me yesterday...
Me:"HEY!ILoveYouAndMissYou!" (Totally gonna get that in before the confusion.)
Heat:".......hahaha well I miss you too! We just got back from a saf-asfhafhnwgk"
Yeah, I think she meant "safari".
Or it could have been "Sapphire".
Or "safety class".

All I know is I was standing in the middle of the gym yelling "A WHAT? A SAFARI? WHAAAAAT?"

I think when she calls today I'm gonna answer with;
That should about cover everything.

Thursday, July 21

Wisdom Teeth and Ice Cream

 Mmmmmmm Milk chocolate peanut butter ice cream with brownie chunks....

My younger sister Taylor requested this the other day and I finally got around to getting the groceries needed for it.
Do you ever feel like actually making it to the store is more difficult than running in the ocean?
Maybe it's just me.

I know I say this every.single.time but this ice cream..milk chocolate peanut my new fav.
Hands down winner.
It is so good! And creamy!

I'm gonna include the recipe at the end in the event anyone is actually interested..I feel like I can do that because I came up with it myself.
Sometimes you have to toot your own horn.

Anyway, I also made chicken and dumplings and a big container of banana pudding.
Gum-friendly fare.

Why the nursing home food you ask?
Chuck is having 3 wisdom teeth cut out today...
Pray for me.

I'm nervous about the Chuck I will be seeing this afternoon.
Especially after I offered to take him to the doctor and wait on him and he said;
"No. Saigon is taking me. I'm afraid of what I might do or say to you."
I'm scurrrrrrrd.

Not really but I get my feelings hurt easily.
I'm sensitive like that.

I always tell him that if he ever really hurts me I'm gonna burn his house down.
I'm sensitive like that.

On a side note..why are they called "wisdom teeth"?
Do they make you wise?
Is that were your wisdom is stored?

I'm gonna choose to believe the latter only because I STILL have mine.
But I think I only have one...Chuck has three...
What does that mean?

I'll think about that and get back to you.

The Heat and Mercy left yesterday.
And I cried.

She called me at 7 pm yesterday and told me they were boarding the plane to South Africa.
And I cried.

Mercy's butt called me just before she called.
And I cried.

It's going to be a loooong eleven days people.

But you know what will help us get through it?
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Brownie Chunks.
And it just so happens I have a recipe!

Taylor's Ice Cream 
Makes approximately 1.5 quarts
6-ish Servings
2 Cups Heavy Cream
1 Cup Milk
1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar
1/2 Cup Smooth Peanut Butter
5 Egg Yolks
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
6 Ounces Milk Chocolate Pieces(bar, chips, whatever you're feelin).

A. Put 1 cup of heavy cream and 1/2 cup peanut butter in small pot and cook on medium-low heat.  While mixture is heating through, whisk the peanut butter so that it combines with the milk.  It may be a bit thick so watch and don't let it burn!
B. Once the cream/peanut butter mixture is bubbling around edges only, remove pot from stove and pour the milk chocolate pieces into the mixture.  Wait about 30 seconds then stir to combine chocolate/cream/peanut butter.
C. Once all chocolate is melted, pour remaining cup of heavy cream into the pot and stir to combine.  It should be a smooth, creamy consistency.  Pour this mixture from the pot into a non-metal bowl and set a strainer on top.
D. Return pot to stove. (It's OK if there is a little bit of chocolate/peanut butter left behind, but if you are worried then just wash it out or use a new one.) 
E.  Combine cup of milk and granulated sugar in the pot and cook over medium-low heat until sugar dissolves.
F.  While sugar is dissolving into the milk, whisk the egg yolks in a small bowl until they are slightly pale..about 1 minute.  Once sugar is dissolved and the milk is heated through you need to temper the egg yolks.  While whisking yolks, slowly pour half of the warm milk into them being careful not to cook the eggs! Once eggs are tempered, pour them into the pot with the rest of the milk and continue to cook over medium-low heat, stirring constantly.
G.  It will only take about 5 minutes for the egg/milk mixture to become custard-consistency so keep whisking!!  When the mixture is ready you should be able to run your finger down the back of the spoon and the line will stay.  
H. Pour custard through a strainer into the chocolate/peanut butter mixture.  Add vanilla and stir to combine all. 
I.  Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, making sure the wrap touches surface of ice cream mixture, and refrigerate at least 6 hours but overnight is better;).
J.  When it is chilled pour it into the ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer recommendations then stir in brownie bits, or whatever extras you want and freeze.

Wednesday, July 20

Stranded on an Island...With Cows

Look at this kid.

And he is leaving me.
For eleven days.
The Heat is going as well.


It will be fine!
I will be fine!

But who will I talk to?
Who will stand there and discuss the kitten antics with me?
No one. That's who!

A South Africa mission trip is their destination and I am SO proud of them!
I mean what a selfless, heartfelt journey!

And they are leaving me.

Leaving me with Tim and Eddie.
Oh, by the way, Tim set his pants on fire WhileHeWasWearingThem the other day.

I haven't even allowed my brain to drift into the realization that now there will be NO buffer between the Boss Man and I...
But maybe he won't need to call me..
Dream on hooker.

I don't answer it anyway..that would be like jumping into a shark tank in a meat-suit.
I just turn red and get all prickly-skinned and watch as it goes to voicemail.
Then I check it..after I check the other SEVENTEEN in front of it.

Pleasant-mood message=I call him back.
Typical-mood message=I call the Heat.
That's how it works.

But you know what? Now I can't call the Heat.
I'm just gonna have to dig out my meat-suit and

Oh good gosh I feel like I am stranded on an island...with cows.
Which wouldn't be so bad if I had a volleyball to talk to but noooo I have a Dutch pyromaniac.

Thanks guys..there better be a South African Hello Kitty keychain in my future.

Monday, July 18


If someone were to ask you what your top three priorities are what would you say?

What if they asked you to tell them what others think they are based on your actions, routines, etc..
What now?

Ok now what should your priorites be?

Are all three answers the same?
If they ARE you need a piece of cake stat!!

Mine aren't.

A couple of months ago I listened to a sermon on just this topic..priorities.
Evidently it stuck.
Bravo Pastor Brad;).

He asked the first question and I answered in my head( I rarely even clap in's a noise thing);
My Honey, my family, my work.
(I know that's EXTREMELY sad..but it's honest).

Ok now to the second question..again aswered in my head;
My work, my Honey, my family.
Strikin out all ova the place here...gosh!

Third question;
My FAITH, my family, my honey, (my work, my hair...etc.....).

Yeah I failed that one..psssshhhhh can't believe I forgot Faith..duuuuuhhhh!

But I forgave myself because that's what sets us apart..our ability to forgive.

How would you answer the questions?

My goal is to one day be able to say that I live my life at that intersection where those three questions meet.

Flaws and all.

Saturday, July 16

Little Ray of Sunshine

Generally speaking I am a 'glass half-full' 'look on the bright side' kind of gal.
Generally speaking.

It has been a rough week.

When the going gets tough I can usually pull out a high point or low-er point if needed..
I'm just a little ray of sunshine.
Generally speaking.

There have been a few times this week when I have just had to think about something else or simply ignore what's going on in hopes of pulling out a 'W'.

Then I found my breaking point...

1st Straw:
I am actually combining each and every time someone told me how "hot" it was outside.
The first 651 times I would respond with a "Oh yeah it is pretty hot" then about the 4000th time I would huff out a puff of breath and say "Really???? I hadn't noticed..." and then shoot daggers out of my eyes.

2nd Straw:
My new worker Manuel is quite possibly one of the most oblivious souls on earth.
I want to shake him and then flip him in the forehead.

Yesterday I told him to pick up the trash around their house and throw it away in the big garbage cans at the dairy. 
I got back from lunch and he had put THEIR garbage can IN the big garbage cans and wacky-wacky'd a hole in the flexible hose.
(They call the weed eater the "wacky-wacky"...and yes asAMatterOfFact I must call it that too.)

3rd Straw:
After I was finished using my eyes and tone of voice as weapons towards Manuel after his antics someone, some poor soul, said the following to me...
"Hey! Look on the bright side it's FRIDAY!!"


Final Straw:
I was watching the news last night and when it was over a show came on that was talking about how "Winter is just around the corner"
"Before you know it the cold weather will be upon us"
Then proceeded to show pictures of the fabulous snow from last Winter.

I nearly threw up.

My glass sprung a leak and all I could think about was how they.were.right.
Winter is almost here!
It's, like, halfway to August already!
School will start soon! (This has no effect on me whatsoever.)
Then it will be Fall!
Fall is short so it might as well be Winter!
I HATE cold weather!

Then I cried myself to sleep.

I am applying for ANY position in Florida.

Friday, July 15

Hello Kitty Strikes Again!

I often encounter crazy situations upon returning to work from lunch.
For this reason my main meals are breakfast and supper.
I learn from my mistakes.

Trust me it only takes that ONE time of returning to work and having to "gazelle-run" across the field..
..or climb a  muddy mountain..
..or chase a heifer into the barn just so you can assist in her baby-havin'..
to make you regret that burger/milkshake/friendanything that is still in your throat.

Yuck..I couldn't eat ice cream for 5 loooong years.

Yesterday I came back from lunch, hopped on the skidsteer and pushed up feed then headed out to check on my close-to-calving ladies.

I saw a Jersey(always a Jersey) lying in the shade by the headlocks in a curious position.
Most people think that any position would be considered "curious" when referring to a cow..luckily I'm not most people.

Anyway curious position...right so my eyes narrowed in on her and yes indeed, the closer I got the more evident it became that she was pushing.
No problem since most Jerseys don't have trouble due to their small size.

I watched long enough to be able to tell she was gonna need help.
She had been pushing for a bit and I couldn't see anything.
No feet.
No nose.
No tail (WORST.EVER.You see a tail and that's it? You start a fire somewhere, it's easier to deal with).
No tongue(Not a good sign either, but at least it's facing the right direction).
No nothin'.

I guess I panicked for a minute thinking it would suffocate(which is possible) so I crouched down and reached in and pulled.
No chains.
No puller.
No gloves.

I'm so pretty.

But I did have both a watch and a Hello Kitty silly-band STILL.ON.

Neither of my accessories even crossed my mind.
I just pulled.
And sweated.
And grunted.
And finally a, rather large, big....BOY came out!
All googly-eyed and gooey.

Once I made sure he was alive and well I high-tailed it outta there so they could bond.

I came back half an hour later to vaccinate him..

So cute..
and brown..
what is that?

Is that my?.....

Baby boy YOU just got Hello Kitty'd.

Wednesday, July 13

I Have an App for That

I am now officially caught up with the majority of the population..I have a "smart" phone.
And it does stuff like that picture above.
I'm tickled.

I know I said I wouldn't get one because it would never survive me but I had like $200 in instant rebates..
..and I was feelin..odd..
..and it was Monday.

Monday was a rough day.
I almost complained.
I almost cried.
I almost sweated more than I drank..almost.

The heat index was over 100 on Monday and the humidity was so thick I felt like I was working in a sauna.
And I had 4.Calves.Born.

Chuck called me at 8am and said "The news says to try not to be outside if you don't have to".
And I said "BAAAAAhahahahahahahaha  &%###  **&^%!!!. Really".
I had 4.Calves.Born.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE having calves because new babies=fresh cows=more milk=rockstar status.
That's how it breaks down.

HOWEVER, 4 bull calves makes me start thinkin I need to change things up a bit..
Maybe breed with the other hand?
Stand on one foot?
Sing "It's a Small World After All" while marching in place?

Getting a newfangled phone wasn't the ticket because I have had 8 calves born since Monday.
7. S-E-V-E-N. Were bulls.

The one I pulled yesterday was a GIANT!
I felt sorry for 8341 after it was all said and done.
I didn't think it was ever gonna all come out..all 85 lbs of HIM.
I'm considering adopting.

He is still a bit googly-eyed this morning so I will wait and take a pic, however I do have a picture of the SINGLE little lady I had yesterday...

That's just a sample of my brilliant photography skills..enhanced only by the little app-thing that I am learning about.

Oh hey! Fun fact: Once a cow has a calf (only then is she considered a cow) she is called "fresh" and can start her lactation.

That Jersey above milked 52 lbs this morning!
To put it in perspective that's 6 gallons!

I have had plenty of Holsteins milk that well but really never a Jersey.
It made me proud:).
GO 6925!!

I should make her a banner..or sash!!
Oh maybe I have an app for that...

Monday, July 11

Oh Mercy

Let me start out by setting the tone:

-At 6 am this morning it was 80 degrees..
-Grinding my teeth all night was NOT a good idea.
-A raccoon tried to attack Kirra(Border Collie) on our way to feed calves this morning.
-I hate raccoons.
-I'm sweating.
-My brother Mack(aka Mercy) is right in front of me gearing up to shoot "these here coons"..and it's his birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday Mercy!!!

At this very moment he is standing in front of me telling a story, waving his gun, and I'm scared.
He tried to make me bark.
He just pointed with his gun.
I'm sweating.

Anyway, Mercy is my bud.
My bro.
My underpaid(as in NOT paid) employee.

He is telling me about grenades.
I'm sweating.

We were talking about Eddie bringing his gun up here and I just broke out into a little Steven Tyler tribute "Eddie's got a gun...."
It was underappreciated.

So what can I say about Mercy?
He puts up with me.
It is because of him that I realized that I'm not mean..I'm just intense.
I have an "intense" delivery...I don't yell.
He gave me the nickname "blanca diablo"..whatever..

Mercy is the best really.
There is a special place in my heart for him and you should save a spot for him as well.
Wanna know why?
Because in a world(OK town, but probably world too) full of selfish, spoiled, "entitled" kids he is different.
He is good and I'm so proud to be his sister.

He is like 8 feet tall, OK 6, and has a heart of gold.
He tries to hug me and I run.
He has NO concept of time.
If I am ever mean to him I immediately feel so bad that I want to cry.
True story.
I love him.

So Happy Birthday Mercy!
See you at 3:30 this afternoon to feed calves..who am I kidding..see you at 3:40;).

Sunday, July 10

DQ Support

So I have embarked on the wedding planning journey..and not a moment too soon.
Just writing that stressed me out.

What I know now:
1.  It will be next March..I think..
2.  It will just be least that's the plan..
3.  It will be on the beach..I hope..
4.  I'm really bad at this..for sure..

So I'm almost finished, right?
Dream on hooker.

Don't get me wrong I am very much excited about marrying Chuck!  It's just this allergy I have.
It's nothing really.
I mean I just break out into hives..
..and have anxiety attacks..
and snore..loud..
It's the decision making allergy.

I can make decisions BUT
-and I will ONLY say this ONCE-
If I make a decision youBettaBelieve I'm not changing my mind!
So if you say "where do you wanna eat?"
and I say "It doesn't matter"
then you say "No. Really, where?"
and I follow with "I'm feeling healthy, how about KFC?"
then you respond "Eh..I'm not feelin the colonel"

But that's just an example.

I like making a decision, checking it off my list, and moving on.
No wishy-washyness here.

So I was feelin like I need a little pre-wedding planning support and picked Chuck as my cheerleader.
He's like, the perfect size.(Don't you DARE tell him I said THAT!).

A cheerleader needs a uniform..but it has to scream "I support my dairy-farmin' fiance'!!!"
And I found it.
And he wears it with pride.

What a guy:).
What a smile!
What a face I'm making..sassssayyyy..

Saturday, July 9


In honor of my younger sister Rebecca(aka Beenie)'s birthday today I am dedicating this post to her!

Wooohoooo! She's the big 2-0!!

You may be wondering about the magnificent art shown above..
...and below...

Yeah it's a calendar...

You see although there is an 8-year difference between Beenie and I we have always been pretty close. 
So close that we used to make the Heat a calendar for every month starring "Beenie and Ray-Ray"..
She LOVED those calendars!

As you can see in the month of May we were doing everything from pulling calves to celebrating Cinco de Mayo in our overalls and skirts...
This calendar was very accurate..all the way down to the color of the coveralls...
That's really the only way to tell us apart.
But we were always happy!

That's the topper for the March calendar.
It was a windy month.
And just so you know it's a little difficult to make "wind" with the touch pad on your computer.

We were always sure to include birthdays and special events in these calendars.
As well as important characters such as "Pete" and "Peabrain" the Guinea and Peacock who appeared in February.

I would very much like to tell you that we made these long, long ago when I was quite young..
So I will.
It was long, long ago when Beenie was 18...
WE were so young back then...

Oh yes Beenie and I have had good times...

There's been some water trough sittin.. calf wranglin'...

..some of this....

...some of that...

..some "Queen of the mountain"...

...some "Maid of the mower"...

..some "Beenie goes to college"....

We even sledded on some grass once..
It was awesome.

Through thick and thin we have always been "Beenie and Ray-Ray".
Saying really dumb things.
Jammin out in the truck on the way to Sonic playin some air drums.

She once drank Hummingbird food and brushed her teeth with her face wash.
She is awesome.

She is my sister.
My friend.
My accomplice.
My "utha brutha Darrel"...

My Beenie.
Happy Birthday!!