Friday, August 26

7:46 in the p.m.

I went to bed at 7:46 last evening.
I got up at 3:15, worked 14 hours, went home and made chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, and green beans, then went to bed at 7:45 and undoubtedly was asleep at 7:46.

I had to make the chicken.
It was all I could think about.
Those chicken breasts are still in the fridge, if I don't cook them they will go bad!  But I'm so tired. But they will go BAD!

So I gave in because I hate throwing food away and decided that since I could feel my pulse in my feet, why not make mashed potatoes and green beans?
I mean, why not?

7:45 rolled around and my hair was giving me a headache so off to bed I went and crashed.

I didn't have any new baby calves yesterday but I did have three new additions to my feed room crew...

When I test cows I have about thsmch time to feed calves in between groups.
While I was mixing the milk and talking to the cats(erase that from your memory) I happened to look down at them and good gosh if three little ones didn't amble out among the others...

Well alright then.
So, being the hard-butt I am, I immediately fell in love and scratched their ears.
So. Cute.

They are sleeping behind the water heater in a nest of sorts, and originally I thought that their mom must really like me to bring her babies down to the feed room.
But then I saw the look...

And although I do not have kids of my own, I fully understand it.

Yes ma'am I will feed your babies too.

Off now to feed my milking cows!

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