Tuesday, August 2

Big Whitey and Extra Skin

This was the scene in my calving barn this morning at 5:45.
Two hungry calves and one tired mama.

They are so funny.
Both standing in front of her like;
"Ummmm helloooo? We're hungry and you're laying on the food lady".

I'm just glad they are alive.
I left early yesterday so "alive" is the best I can hope for.
The sun has not come up so I'm not counting my chickens yet..but so far so good.

Chuck and I went out on the lake yesterday and I realize now that I got quite a bit more sun than I thought.

My bottom lip is burned, as are my nose and my knees..for some odd reason.
But it was SO worth it.

It was my last day of freedom before we start chopping corn silage.
I believe you remember me talking about chopping rye..right?
How much fun it is.
How "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" it is.

I love it.
Love "big whitey", my dump truck.
Love how sometimes bw chooses not to stop..or go.
I really hope the hood flies up blocking the windshield while I am hauling down the road...again.
Good times.

It takes care of those last few "golden years" I more than likely wouldn't enjoy anyway.
I don't need to live forever..or until I look like the "extra" skin lady at the gym.
Where does all of that skin come from?

I'll be taking pictures, trust me I don't want you to miss one hot minute.
Of the chopping..not the skin.
No, pictures of chopping.
Not to be confused with pictures of "extra" skin.

Please excuse me while I take inventory of what went on yesterday.

Oh, and wish bw and I luck!

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