Sunday, July 31


I love this picture..even though the calf is a bull.
I still love this picture.

It takes me back to my high school photography days...
Yes, I did actually take a photography class..or two.  I'm just hiding my mad skills.
Yeah, that's it.

I was all about light..finding the light and getting the best angle.
Not hardly any actual "skill" involved.
That's why I'm not a photographer.

Not to be confused with the reason I'm not a doctor, or lawyer, or accountant, or...fishmonger.
I digress.

I'm a light lover.  Lover of light. 
Maybe that's why I'm also optimistic?
I think so.

My 5 am cup is never half empty...all SEVEN days of the week.
My alarm goes off, I never hit snooze, I POP right up out of bed and go to work to take care of my animals.
They are why I am here.
I haven't had a whole day off since February and I didn't even get to sleep in then..darn 'minor' surgery.

But my light keeps shinin'.
And my babies keep bawlin'.
And my cows keep milkin'.
And I keep goin'.

Until Sunday.
On Sunday my heart, my body, and my thoughts all hit 'reset'.

Historically speaking, Sundays here have always managed to be triple 'D' days.
Death, Disease and Disaster.
If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen on a Sunday.
For some reason.

But no matter how triply bad today is..tomorrow is a new one.
One to look forward to and never worry will worry about itself.

The light is always shining somewhere.
You just have to trust that it's there.

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  1. I LOVE that black and white photo! Please send it to me so that I can hang it somewhere :)


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