Sunday, September 4

What A Week

Has it been a week already?

I made it through my version of "hell week" and can't remember a darn thing that went on.
True story.

If I think about each individual day, and look at my daily notes, I can put the puzzle together.
If I don't, I can't remember what day today is and if I slept last night and if I really saw a raccoon eat a kitten.

It was so gross that I immediately sent Mercy a text that read;
"Bring gun up to kill coons. Not pellet gun."
And he did.
They have overstayed their welcome.

Eddie, Eduardo, Ed should be back today..better be back today or else I am already behind.
Once he arrives this morning he will notice that;
1.) There are new tires WITH tread on the loader.
2.) It no longer leaks water and overheats.
3.) He will have to see me first thing this morning before he feeds because I took the rations.HA!

I took the rations off the loader because I need to make Eddie wish he never took vacation talk to him about a few things...
Things that he should be doing but just doesn' actually using the scale on the wagon when he feeds.
It's important.

A lot of things have happened this week and it has been old-man-saggy-tractor-butt hot.
I think I remember having a few new babies....
I'm pretty sure Tim and I never spoke once..
I very nearly fell asleep every day at 2pm no matter where I was or what I was doing..
And I realized that I have very forgiving cows.

It's almost time to start on corn silage because if we don't we will run out of rye silage and not be able to transition the cows.

I have been in the transition process for a few days, however yesterday morning I got the big idea to give them their new corn silage ration with a leeeeeeetttle bit or rye....

Wanna know how to give me an anxiety attack?
Put a load of feed out(5500 lbs) that NOT ONE cow will eat.
Chuck almost had to talk me off the ledge.

I rectified it though, before any real milk loss occurred...I hope....

All in all this past week was stressful but I learned a lot..I'll take it.
I thought I handled it pretty well until yesterday.
Yesterday it became apparent that I "look" like I feel. Tired. Stressed.
And I have not been myself.
I know these things because I walked into my office around noon yesterday and on my desk I found this...

Lucky for me moms are very forgiving as well:).

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  1. She's a good 'un and I think you should keep her. :)


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