Friday, September 23

Judge J-Sizzle

"Hear ye, hear ye! All rise for the judge Ms. Eightfiveninethreeoh..or J-Sizzle for short."

Thank you.  I apologize for being tardy to the party...I was at lunch.
Now, what do we have here?

Ms. Sizzle, we have a Ms.Crazy Pants vs. Ms. Twolegged Monster.
Ms. Monster claims that Ms. Pants ran away from home which led to a high speed chase.
Through the dry cow lot.
In the mud.
Where she then kicked Ms. Monster in the shin and caused Ms. Monster to fall.
In the mud.
Ms. Monster does not like the mud.

How do you plead Ms. Pants?

Goh, like, totally not guilty.
SHE scared ME! All running around on two feet like she owned the place.
Kept saying she wanted to 'feed' me.
Sure. She wanted to feed me to that blind dog of hers.

That's not true!
I am here on behalf of Ms. Monster.
She wants to take care of you!

Yeah! What McSpotty said!
She feeds us and stuff!

Well, I am pretty hungry....
Is it good?

I heard it's the bomb-digitty...
...then again I hear a lot of things...

So what do you think Ms. Pants?
She is willing to drop the charges is you agree to let her take care of you...

Well, alright...I guess.
But I still don't trust her.


  1. You really should lay off the sauce so early in the morning....

  2. 200 cows...and me.
    I am just a woman and my thoughts.


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