Monday, September 12

Can You Feel It?

I just have one simple question for you today...

Can you feel it?

The Heat.  Can you feeeeeeeeel the Heat?
You should be able to because tomorrow the Heat will be all up in your business.

Tomorrow we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the Heat.
From a teeeeeny tiiiiiny flame to a full on bonfire...this lady is what's cookin'.

She will be 40!
That's right she had me when she was...12.
You must have missed the reality series on it.
It was gripping.

I hope you have a gift AND card.
Trust me when I tell you to NOT get her something she can use.
I'm not gonna make that mistake again...sheesh.

Crockpot as a mom-gift?

She likes things for HER..pretty things...get her something useful on Groundhogs day or something.
Not her birthday.
You will regret it for an entire year.
I actually already gave her the big gift I got for her...overachiever, I know.

I got her 4 tickets(really just 3 cuz one is for me) to see Beth Moore next year in Knoxville!
Can we say 'Best.Daughter.EVA'?!

But there's more.
Tomorrow there will be more.
Then I will bask in the glory of a successful Heat birthday for an ENTIRE year.

Bask, bask, bask.
So you best be gettin' yer card home slice.

And yes as a matter of fact I do know these are random horse pictures...but I like them.
I am a bit scattered trying to get ready for the Heat blog tomorrow....
'Cuz I can feel it.

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  1. Sending The Heat some niece lovin' from the Hyphen!

    (Which is totally not dirty like it sounds...)


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