Monday, September 26

Best-Laid Plans Often Go Awry

I realize that you are smarter than me, and it's OK because I realize it.
If you tell me that you're smarter than me I'll be mad.
That's how this relationship works.

I only say this because I was originally going to start out with..."Have you ever heard of a recessive gene?".
But then I didn't, because OfCourseYouhave.

This, my friends WhoTellMyDadIHaveABlog, is a recessive gene at its' finest...

The "wry face".
Good old 5731, she always looks like she has a question.

Jerseys are gifted with this genetic anomaly.
Like I said, it's recessive so we only have like 2 or 3 running around looking confused.
Thank goodness because it can be hard to explain.
And I don't like talking to people.
There ya go.

5731 was not bred with the wry face in mind.
She was bred very well and the wry face just happened.
Like my poor vision and oddly placed teeth.
Genetics. Thanks mom and dad.

The shape of her face doesn't bother just looks different.
It gives her personality..because we ALL know Jerseys lack this...

Her wry face is just proof that sometimes you plan for the best and things just don't pan out.
Then what do you do?

Give up?
Lose faith?
Run away?
Hide your face?

Sure. You can do that.
It's your loss.

You lose because whatever it is, you let it beat you.

I have seen my share of bad days, trust me, and to be honest I'm not fully healed.
I have demons that I struggle with.

But those demons can't touch me here.
This is my place.
Where I was always meant to be...I just got here in a unconventional way.

I owe my life to this farm...this place.
I started here, left, but then returned and I can't live without it.

Being a farmer was not in my plans, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Yeah, it's going to be a struggle...seeing as it's not a very lucrative career choice..but it's where I feel I was meant to be.
It's where my heart beats.

To be honest I don't lose sleep worrying about my heart beating so I'm not going to waste time worrying about being a millionaire.

You don't have to be perfect to be happy, just ask 5731:).

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