Wednesday, September 14

I Could Never Be a Lefty

First I must let you know that The Heat had a fabulous birthday filled with canning beans!
Every woman's dream.
And I am obviously still here so either the pictures were OK or she is giving me time to relax before the attack.

The second thing I have for you this morning is a mandolin slicer horror story.
I could feel you sigh.
I know, I know what you're thinking...
Rachael, why don't you EVER learn?!
Listen, I had a whole inch of potato left between the slicer and I and it STILL took a chunk of my thumb off.
I will admit though that I was in a mental meltdown over a load of hominy being late...

It happened so fast.
One minute I was quickly slowly haphazardly meticulously slicing my Russets into uniform thickness and in the blink of an eye I learned that fingers look alarmingly similar to potatoes...just sayin'.

Don't worry though, I retrieved the chunk-o-thumb, threw up 3 times, and was able to finish the potato-fennel gratin without any contamination.
Special thanks to my Hello Kitty band aids!
Oh, HK, you're always there for me.

And might I add that my left hand is so stupid.
I mean it really is worthless.
It's all like but, but I just hold stuff....righty does all the work.

HOWEVER, the gratin was a fennely, potatoey, gruyere-y SUCCESS!!!
Ina Garten is a genius.

Thirdly, I did something last night that will carry me through today.
Something that, to be honest, dreams are made of.
I roasted a butternut squash.
No. That's it.
OH! And made some blondies with it....

Yup. Butternut squash blondies.
I'll make you a believer.
Just like I made Chuck one.

They turned out so magnificently magnificent that I am posting the recipe, and pictures, tomorrow!
Now, I don't normally do this however they made me proud...and there's cream cheese involved.
Anything with cream cheese is worth a shot.
Can I get an Amen?

Before I forget there's this fourth thingy...
Not a big deal...
It's just these...
Baby girlS!!!
Yes! in two, dos...deux?
I'll leave now.

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  1. Okay, okay. I know you run and workout and stuff, but i am pretty sure I am going to blame my recent weight gain and subsequently the 'are you pregnant?' incident on your tasty posts that FORCE me to bake.....

    Thanks a lot, Cuz.

    A few brownish would make me feel so much better. Justsoyouknow.


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