Thursday, September 8

Two Discoveries

I was made for this job.
I mean really, who else would look at this and think it was cute??

An under bite that would make any mother proud.

He has two eyes I promise.

My kittens are getting bigger.
They think they run the show and can go anywhere they want..

This little bit walked into my heifers hutch and when the heifer bent down to get a closer look, she whacked her on the nose.

Then kept standing there until I removed her from the situation.
I took this picture after the whacking..see how scared the calf is?

I made two important discoveries yesterday..are you ready to hear them?
....well? Are you?

Important Discovery Number 1:  Bad weather makes me a bad blogger..but a great baker!

I made some really great brownies after work least I thought they were.
I call them "Chuckies", named after my aunt.
Just kidding. They are named after Chuck...stay with me.

I created the recipe especially for him, you see, and they turned out least I thought so.
They are a fudgy, very much NON-cakey, brownie with a German chocolate-ish swirl in the middle and on top.

Chuck loves German chocolate cake and fudgy brownies so voila!
...At least I thought so until he tried one and said, "Yeah, it's good. I can taste the peanut butter".

That would have been a great statement, had a I put peanut butter in them.
But I didn't.

Important Discovery Number 2:  Cats wander pretty far...and there is no wet pavement in Honduras.

Around 8:30 am yesterday I was walking down the main aisle of the barn and saw an officer talking to Eddie.

My initial thought was Chuck...but he doesn't do that anymore so my very next thought was OhhhhhLord.

The officer was talking to Eddie about pulling a car out of the field down the road...the Hondurans car.

Somehow one of them managed to run off the road, take out 6 fence posts and end up backwards in a pond.
Dry pond..thank goodness.

The road was wet, but it wasn't raining and the curve wasn't sharp.
The only thing I can figure is there must not be pavement in Honduras.
The end.

But wait! There's more!!
While standing in the field looking at the car in the pond, two cats happened to wander out to see the action.
Cute cats.....
Familiar cats....
BARN cats.

Alice and his little brother Maggot.
(After finding out Alice was a boy, the kids changed his name to Alice Cooper. This type of wit is a family trait.)
Tim named the other one Maggot..he was teeeeny tiiiiiiny when he was born.

I was wondering where they went.

I wonder if they walked that far?
Did someone pick them up?
...Were they in the back of my truck?

So many questions...

FYI The Heat's birthday is 5 days away.
Don't forget!

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