Friday, September 9

Fennel, Fog, and a Fractured Foot

Yesterday roasted fennel entered my life, and I don't think I will ever be the same.
I can't stop thinking about how good it was and how it smelled with my roasted chicken...
Where has it been all my life?

I'll tell you where.
It has been at the grocery store.
In the produce section.
On the shelf.

No wonder people don't buy it!
They don't know what it is for goodness sakes!

I do.
It's heaven in a white bulb with weird green frondy-lookin things sticking out of the top.
I'll stop.

It was good.
But I'll stop.

It was crazy-foggy this morning!
I took these after I fed cows around 815am...


I love how the sun burns off the fog.
And then leaves.
And the rest of the day is dreary.
And you limp around in a quiet, tired mood because of the drear.

Yes, limp.
Why am I limping?
Because I'm pretty.
Because I decided to run realFast downhill and step on one of those big green grenade-like nuts that fall from the trees and roll my foot over...again.
If you must know.

I originally hurt my foot about 3 years ago chasing the peacocks across the road...
So they wouldn't get hit by a car..duh....
And ended up stepping in a post hole and falling flat on my face.
Then I wanted to cry and sit on my foot.
Then I wanted to throw up.
Then The Heat had to drag me out of her car so I wouldn't run over the peacocks.

Then I got to ride in a wheel chair and had an x-ray and a root beer lollipop.

Then I went to Reno for a Nutrition Conference, had an a-mazing time, my foot healed and I came back to work.

I'm not in Reno.
I'm not having an a-mazing time.
I didn't even get a lollipop.

Bossman gave me a brace which helps as long as I don't think about how hard it was to get it zipped up my abnormally large calves....
I never had issues with my calves...until today.

I knew what I had done yesterday after I nearly bit asphalt and limped back to my truck.
It was the same spot where I had that tiny fracture before.
I made it through the rest of the day at work with a little pain.
Then it got me at the grocery store.

I was halfway through shopping..almost to the fennel!..and my red race car was full and the lady pushing me had to go.
So I was forced to walk the rest of the store, leaning on my cart and dragging my leg.
Not really.
It was a yellow race car.

The climax of the pain came when I had to crawl back to the living room from the kitchen after checking on my chicken.
But I still made sweet potato fries!

I'll not let abnormally large calves get me sir!
After work I might even go to the store and get more fennel to make something wonderful with!
Let's just hope the blue race car is free this time;).


  1. Seriously sorry about the foot. Sucks. But more importantly what store do you shop at? I've never seen fennel! I need some fennel. When I live in LA (that'd be Lower Alabama) the lady that owned my property prior to me planted a forest of that stuff. I LOVED it. Until it became a weed. Like an infestation of fennel. Maybe you should move there. I can give you the address! Loachapoka's really nice for 2 months of the year!

  2. Kroger! I found it in the "organic foods"..yeah I don't know how I ended up in that section either. It's the only produce item that is unlabeled because no one working there knows what it is. It become a weed? I did not know that. Oh and I'm timid about moving to places I can't pronounce...


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