Thursday, September 29

The Tale of TomCat

Once upon a time there was this cat and his name was Tom...

Tom was born on a dairy farm and always though he was just one of the cats. 
He never really thought himself to be different or special.

He and all of the other cats were treated especially well considering they were farm cats and, historically speaking, farm cats were hunters-scavengers if you will.
Stories often told of how these "farm cats" would be left to fend for themselves, relying on their instincts and lightning-fast reflexes in order to hunt for their next meal.

These were just "stories" to Tom and the others, though.

He, his friends and extended family were lucky and they knew it.
They didn't have to hunt their own food or worry about shelter.
No, Farm Girl and Tractor Guy took care of that.

Farm Girl and Tractor Guy ALWAYS fed them twice a day, EVERYday.
Tom and his crew were fed 4 TIMES a day! Crazy talk!

Rain or shine, darkness or sunshine, Farm Girl and Tractor Guy were always there.

Tom truly appreciated not having to fend for himself and would often spend the day lounging around playing with the others.

Occasionally Tractor Guy would scoop him up, scratch him under the chin, then set him back down to be on his merry way.

Tom liked this.
He liked it a lot.
In fact he liked it so much that he developed a purr and noticed that if he hung around his two-legged friends more often, he would more than likely get lucky and get scratched behind the ears.

Then, late one night Tom wandered up to Bossman and The Heats house because something caught his eye.
Something was moving in the was a CAT!

Tom had never imagined being fortunate enough to live inside with the two-leggers.
He mentioned this notion to a few of the others and they didn't think much of it.
They assured him that he would never be lucky enough to have that opportunity and that the life he was living was more than adequate anyway.

Tom dismissed the idea, but not still lingered in the back of his mind, like most dreams.

A few weeks passed and Tom was living life each day, appreciating what he was given...trying not to think about the two cats he saw in The Heats house...
When one day Toms life changed forever!

He was grooming himself after his second meal of the day, when out of nowhere he was scooped up from behind!
Two very small hands were around Toms body and Tom found himself nestled on the shoulder of a midget two-legger....

Tom had always considered the calf barn and shop to be his residence...however he suddenly knew the meaning of 'Home'.
Tom was home.

He never panicked, never worried because somehow Tom knew that though this two-legger had a vary small body, he had a very big heart.

Tom had begun the day like any other, however he ended it having gained something he never knew he was missing...

...a best friend.

And the boy and his TomCat lived happily ever after:).


  1. Nevermind the fact that TomCat's legs will soon atrophy frm lack of use....

    His harness fits him nicely and he is ready for his morning walk! Gotta scoot!


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