Wednesday, September 28

What I Have NOT Been Doing

I would like to begin by telling you that there is most definitely NOT some sort of critter rightBehindMe crackling the plastic bag on the floor between the filing cabinet and wall.
There's NOT.
If there were I would be crouched on top of my desk with my knees under my chin...which I'm NOT doing.

The past few days have NOT felt like weeks and I thought I would share some of what I have NOT been  can thank me later.

1.  I most certainly DIDN'T install security cameras in my office.
Said cameras did NOT record Rowdy scooting her butt across the floor for twenty minutes straight.
I will, however, be picking up worming medicine today...just in case.

2.  I did NOT con The Heat into taking my truck to get the oil changed..because I would NOT do something like that.

3.  My cousin Amy came out on Monday with her boys to tour the ponderosa..
They are too cute.  The younger one didn't care anything about the animals..he just wanted to drive a tractor.

The older boy is a budding veterinarian...or maybe animal hoarder.  It's too early to tell.
I am NOT sending this kitten home with them today....

His name is NOT Tom.

4.  I did NOT watch as Eddie almost wrecked the tractor pulling the Honeywagon.
This was NOT because he was staring at my cousin and her mile long legs...
This is NOT reason number 4,513 why I won't wear shorts around here.

5.  I did NOT tell the boys they would die if they fell in the manure pit....
To be honest I think I would die if they fell in the manure pit.

6.  I did NOT make Mercy act like a scratching post for a picture...

7.  These kittens did NOT occupy 13 minutes of my morning yesterday...

By NOT doing this....
Which did NOT end up being the highlight of my day.

8.  I did NOT make everyone I know mad yesterday without even leaving the barn.
This did NOT cause me to NOT have a glass of wine...with my wine last night.
Which did NOT cause me to NOT make ice cream and NOT be in bed by 9 pm...

....all of which I am NOT telling you about...

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