Tuesday, September 6

Laborless Day

How was your Labor day holiday?
Did you get things done around the house?
-You weren't supposed to.

I'm just sayin'.

It seems we are getting a weeks worth of rain in just two days..which I'm not complaining about.
At all.

We were so dry that Dad, er Bossman took the Case out to rip the fields where the torrential downpours of the spring wreaked havoc.
The only way you could figure out what field he was in was by looking for the 'Pigpen'-like cloud of dust.
He was in the center.

But thank goodness he worked up that ground because now all of that glorious rain is soaking in, not washing out the fields.
Oh Bossman, you are so clever.

I would like for you to know that I only worked from 5am to 10am yesterday...
No Way!?
Way, I say.

I lit out of here like a raccoon Mercy just shot at.
And didn't look back.

I put it allllll out of my mind so that I could spend some quality time with my honey.
He has been on a fishing trip to Alaska.
What? He hasn't?
No..you're right. He has just been at work since January.
OK...a few days.

I almost forgot what he looked like, then I saw Hello Kitty strategically placed on the back of his shirt and knew he was mine:).

We were what I would call "lazy".
We didn't even go to the gym...
Nope. We ran some errands, at lunch, got caught up on Jersey Shore(they put the 'T' in trashy) and picked up Caden.

I almost thought I was a normal "holidays-off" person.

During one of our errands...I got socks and orthotics,but that's not what this is about...I heard some younger gals talking about how much they hate the rain.
I coulda kicked them.
I mean, it's like totally stupid that we have to shop in the rain..ugh...

I wanted to go up to them and say...
Oh does the rain ruin your shopping? Do you realize how DRY everything was? I have corn WITHOUT EARS because it's so dry...
I know it would have been a lost cause.
But that's the farmer in me.
As well as the zero-tollerance-for-ridiculous-selfish-comments in me.

The practical side of me was ecstatic about the socks and insoles I got.
That is a sad, sad thing to admit.
But it's true.

I'm wearing both right now.
I'm practically flying ThankYouVeryMuch.
And yes, I feel like an old lady.

By the way I made some cookies too yesterday!

I visited Adriannas website http://acozykitchen.com/ and made her Rocky Road cookies and they were perfect!
OK so the picture is terrible but the cookies were chocolaty, marshmallowy,chewy goodness.
Perfect for a rainy day!

Also, you know how I told you my nephew Jackson turned 7 months old yesterday?
Well, if you need a reason to smile you should see him! http://www.malindel.blogspot.com/ he is the cutest!

That's all I have, plus I need to go make sure I don't have any new babies paddling around in this rain..

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