Saturday, September 10

The Meeting

 OK I just wanted to start out by saying that I'm glad everyone could be here today.
It isn't easy for me to call a meeting like this but I see no other choice...

Ummmmm...where exactly do you two think you're going?
That's right. This is for you as well.

It has come to my attention that the new "additions" to the feed ration you are getting may need to be discussed.

chomp chomp, But what do you mean?
It's tasty! chomp chomp.

Well, Gertrude, the truth is I have had to purchase wet brewers grains, from Anheuser Busch to add to your feed to increase palatability.

Psssssssttttt, Did you understand that?

Monique, that means to make it taste better.
You're welcome.
Please raise your hoof with any future questions.

As well as using the brewers grains the last load of dried distillers grains, also in your feed, have come from the Jack Daniels distillery.

For real girlfriend?

Yes, Maria and Camille, for real.

So what does this mean?

That's an excellent question Shakira.
This means that you will like the feed more and therefore consume more of it.
...and you could possibly dance on the roof....

It is just my job, as herdswoman, to keep you informed.
...and protect myself from a lawsuit....

With that being said, this meeting is adjourned.
Please eat responsibly.

Nom nom nom, What was that?

Never mind Hilda, just stay off the heavy machinery.


  1. "Shakira"?! Shouldn't all cows be named something more.... I don't know.....more 'country girlish'?

    Also, your cows are pretty darn lucky......

  2. I was going with celebrity look-alike..


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