Monday, September 19

The Hangover

The older I get the more I realize that I'm getting older.
I meant that too.

I woke up this morning with a terrible headache...a kettle corn headache.
Yesterday was the last day for the TVA&I fair so Chuck and I decided to take Caden!
That exclamation point hurt my head.

We got there at 4:30, spent approximately 43 minutes finding a parking spot, went through $4300.00 on rides and won two 43 cent toys.
And I ate 43 pounds of kettle corn. Champ!
Not really.

I attribute the headache to the golden corn-y goodness AND the fact that it was Latino day at the fair.
NOW hold on there a hot minute! I am NOT racist...I simply couldn't help but picture one of them driving my bobcat around on a flat tire...and the music gives me anxiety.
It really does.

I have a hard enough time with Christina Aguilera as is...but crank it up and put it in a different language and my heart starts beating like a racehorse.
No bueno.

The clinical name for my problem is crazy over stimulation.
I can deal with tractors and farm equipment but put me in wal-mart or the mall for more than 3 hours and you will be carrying me out on a stretcher.
That's bad. 
It's true...but it's bad.

Chuck always says "she's not a people person" when he really means "she doesn't like people"...
But I do!!!
I just get so tired of...talking....and stuff...and crowds...
I'm just thankful that the fair only comes around once a year.
This kind of fun is best in small doses.

Almost All kidding aside we had a great time!
Chuck and Caden rode the rides..not that I didn't want to partake but I thought they should ride together..
Plus someone had to watch the rickety things so I knew what to sue for..and I couldn't take my kettle corn.

I took a few pictures in the event disaster struck and someone found my purse..they would know who I was with...

This is where Chuck was telling Caden about the boy who fell off the Ferris wheel....
I kid.
But it was the first ride they went on... what's the first thing you do when you get in the car?
Buckle up. That's right...

...OK now remember 10 and 2 then check your blind spots...

Caden loved the rides!
I think he really loved riding them with his dad more though..

I don't know how they keep these rides so well painted.
The color schemes are so trendy.

OH! Not only were the rides a-plenty, but the educational exhibits were mind numbing!

6-legged cows!
Giant swamp rats!

Chuck wouldn't let me go in because he didn't have time to deal with me crying.
He knows me so well.

After I threw a fit and he pried my arms from around the tent they rode more rides

Chuck's too cool for school..did I tell you that?

This one actually spun pretty fast and Caden was welcomed to the world of g-forces...

Needless to say he will be riding the big boy rides from now on:).

It will go down as a pretty dadgum great day!
I think that Caden had a wonderful time with his dad and he won a giant Shrek toy!
Thank goodness..

I look forward to an entire year before the next fair and wonder if dropping my goldfish 6 times makes it less likely to live until then...
Who knows?

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  1. Ah, the Tennessee Valley Fair. Oh how I miss that smell....


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