Tuesday, September 13

The Day of The Heat

There is a lot riding on this post.
If it's successful then I can breathe easy for the next year.
If it doesn't meet approval then I'm going to have to find another dog-sitter.

OK with that out of the way let's proceed...

Happy Birthday to The Heat!!!! 

In honor of this day, September 13th, the "Day of The Heat", I thought it would be nice to celebrate all the things that make her unique..
(I'm telling you people, I could crash and burn....)
Here we go...

The Heat is the only lady I know who STILL has a stone-washed, blue jean, gold and rhinestone covered, jacket and pants set.
She swears it will come back in style...
...I'm not sure if it ever was.

The Heat is an animal lover...

She is actually opening up a pet boarding facility within her home.
That's a lie.

But she really does love animals.
She has always had a cat in the house and I credit her for gifting me with my bleeding heart for animals.

She has these "looks" that she gives you...
This is the "stop taking my picture or I'm taking you out of the will" look.

Her ability to level you with a look is why I call her "The Heat".
I used to call her "Bankroll" which oddly enough blossomed into "The Heat".
Funny how that works..

You don't mess with her though.
No sir.
On a daily basis she is responsible for 3 children who still live at home, 2 cats and 3(you'rewelcome) dogs, the financial aspect of a 1500+ acre dairy farm with it's 200+ animals and 7 employees, and 1 very smart, very busy Bossman...er..husband.
At the end of the day she is pooped...
But can you blame her?

Yet with all of that work and running around she still has time to crochet...
Yes, I realize this picture probably did me in.
It was nice knowin' you.

We will proceed like that never happened.

The Heat has given birth to 5 children.
All at home.
In bed.
No meds.

But really she has 5 grown-ish children and at least one of them is successful..

My older sister, the Docta.

The rest of us are just here for the party.
But really, she is the best mother I know of.
If I can be half the mother she is I will be doing pretty great.

She was at all of our dance recitals, ball games, school plays, a few field trips, has made hundreds of birthday cakes, talked us out of doom and gloom, knocked the chip off our shoulders a time or two thousand, acted like ugly things we made were pieces of artwork, and danced with us in the kitchen.

Not to mention the laughing.
We can make this lady laugh until she cries.
But then she...cries..and we cry because we made mom cry, and you don't make mom cry.

She has raised a "family" in a world where sit-down family dinners are a thing of the past.
I set many a table for dinner and enjoyed thousands of home-cooked meals.
I had to eat a lot of stuff I didn't want to eat, but got to eat a lot of stuff I did.

It is her I credit my "I can do anything if I try" attitude.
She can do anything.

She can teach a Sunday school class and milk cows without blinking an eye.
She is my hero.

She is also a great "Queenie" to a very lucky little boy..

He just doesn't realize how lucky he is.

How lucky we all are.
If you could just meet her you would feel it too.

She is a caring daughter, a loving wife, a worrying mother and above all my Best Friend.
Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!
I love you.


  1. Dude. You made me sniffle....

    How in the world did you manage all those pics of her. I know all about her photo affinity.....

    Happy Bday Aunt Missy! And I will totally help you dig the hole after she posted the crocheted socks picture.

  2. You mustn't show weakness around Mams.

    The photos are kept within a small arsenal of mine called "blackmail"...you gotta know when to hold 'em.

    ...I think the socks did me in as well..


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