Sunday, September 25


What is it about teenage boys and not making ANY sense atawl?
I took Mercy and Taylor out to eat last night since The Heat and Bossman are on a expedition hunting Grouse.
I really don't think Grouse exist...I think they are like snipes..mythical mousy-bird-like creatures.
I know you agree.
Or it could be that they are at a meeting...same difference.

At any rate the kids(one of which is taller than me...grrrr)and I went out on the town.
We decided to roll the dice and eat Japanese..feeling frisky we were.
During dinner Mercy kept saying the strangest things, then he would start a story and the light would reflect off the salt shaker and capture his attention until the point was lost.
I think it's the Bieber hair....
Something about the 'hair toss' rattles the brain and disconnects thoughts so you're left with comments like...
"I ate all my food that time at...uh...that place called..uh...Chris's something..."
Ugh. Boys.

But we had a good time, laughed at each other, Taylor drank 6 cups of shrimp sauce, Mercy ate 12 pounds of rice and I said a number of "pretty" things.
Good times.

Yesterday started out really well with a HUGE bull calf in the field..his backbone was at my hip..big'un.
His mom kept givin' me the crazy-eye so I waited a bit to introduce myself and it seemed to work.
I'm still here.

I honestly don't know what in the world is wrong with my animals here lately!
It's like they have all been shuttled in from Crazytown.
If it's not wild heifers escaping their hutches, it's bar fights.
I had to break up TWO yesterday.
Maybe I should rethink the brewers and distillers grains.
I don't have enough insurance for this behavior.

One was around lunch(they have no concept of time) and the other was in the evening.
First round was between the Jersey girls...

The one on the left came and got me when the fight broke out...tattle tale...

Keep in mind these are very pregnant ladies so it could be hormonal..

The blond on the left is a 2008 model and the frisky ginger on the right an '07...

I gotta give it to the Ginger..she is a bad mama-jama.
If I were Blondie I wouldn't have picked a fight with a veteran..

Being hit with a cows head is like getting hit with a cinder me I know.
I bet those big babies in the oven are wondering what the heck is going on...

I had to crop this it's small.
But at this point  I thought it was over.
Ginger's noggin got pretty rattled when Blondie whopped her in the jaw with the top of her head.
Here again...I know how she feels...

But that wasn't the end of it.
Ginger came back with a vengeance.
Seasoned veteran.

You know how to end a fight between two pregnant ladies?

Bring out the feed wagon.

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