Friday, July 15

Hello Kitty Strikes Again!

I often encounter crazy situations upon returning to work from lunch.
For this reason my main meals are breakfast and supper.
I learn from my mistakes.

Trust me it only takes that ONE time of returning to work and having to "gazelle-run" across the field..
..or climb a  muddy mountain..
..or chase a heifer into the barn just so you can assist in her baby-havin'..
to make you regret that burger/milkshake/friendanything that is still in your throat.

Yuck..I couldn't eat ice cream for 5 loooong years.

Yesterday I came back from lunch, hopped on the skidsteer and pushed up feed then headed out to check on my close-to-calving ladies.

I saw a Jersey(always a Jersey) lying in the shade by the headlocks in a curious position.
Most people think that any position would be considered "curious" when referring to a cow..luckily I'm not most people.

Anyway curious position...right so my eyes narrowed in on her and yes indeed, the closer I got the more evident it became that she was pushing.
No problem since most Jerseys don't have trouble due to their small size.

I watched long enough to be able to tell she was gonna need help.
She had been pushing for a bit and I couldn't see anything.
No feet.
No nose.
No tail (WORST.EVER.You see a tail and that's it? You start a fire somewhere, it's easier to deal with).
No tongue(Not a good sign either, but at least it's facing the right direction).
No nothin'.

I guess I panicked for a minute thinking it would suffocate(which is possible) so I crouched down and reached in and pulled.
No chains.
No puller.
No gloves.

I'm so pretty.

But I did have both a watch and a Hello Kitty silly-band STILL.ON.

Neither of my accessories even crossed my mind.
I just pulled.
And sweated.
And grunted.
And finally a, rather large, big....BOY came out!
All googly-eyed and gooey.

Once I made sure he was alive and well I high-tailed it outta there so they could bond.

I came back half an hour later to vaccinate him..

So cute..
and brown..
what is that?

Is that my?.....

Baby boy YOU just got Hello Kitty'd.

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