Wednesday, July 27

My Cuhluhs

"My cuhluhs aw blush and bayashful"
"Her cuhuluhs aw pink and pink"
 THOSE two movie lines are the only things going through my head right now.

Love some Steel Magnolias.
Blush and bashful will NOT be my wedding "cuhluhs" just so you know.

I'm deep...deeeeep into wedding planning/worrying/stressing/crying right now.
I did cry yesterday.
Yep. Standing there at the holding pen watching my cows come over to be milked...crying.
Just a little though.

I was overwhelmed not with stress..though I probably should be.
Not worry.
Not fear.
It was an overwhelming sensation of how blessed I am.

Sounds a bit cheezed up, I know.
But it's true.

Chuck texted me and told me he just finished laundry and folding clothes and I texted him back with how blessed I felt...
So he responded with "It's just laundry..but OK...".
Whatever.  Deep down he knows what I meant.

Just so you know the wedding will be small..kinda like the Royal wedding.
I kid.

Small wedding, handmade vintage-inspired dress, wonderful photos, closeclose friends and family.
And Chuck.
I need to remember him.

I'm getting things done slowly, in my own way.
Between breeding/watching heats/medicating(not self)/and pulling calves.
Psssssshhhhhh I got this!

Found a photographer I like...check!
Song to be played during ceremony..check check!
Date, time, location secured..check check check!
Dress to be made in the Fall...chyyyyeck!

Basically done now.
Not. hardly.

Currently into INVITATIONS (those I hear are important)...
and bouquet "inspiration" whatever that is.

At the moment: "cuhluhs".  I just wish Truvy could come ova.

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