Saturday, July 9


In honor of my younger sister Rebecca(aka Beenie)'s birthday today I am dedicating this post to her!

Wooohoooo! She's the big 2-0!!

You may be wondering about the magnificent art shown above..
...and below...

Yeah it's a calendar...

You see although there is an 8-year difference between Beenie and I we have always been pretty close. 
So close that we used to make the Heat a calendar for every month starring "Beenie and Ray-Ray"..
She LOVED those calendars!

As you can see in the month of May we were doing everything from pulling calves to celebrating Cinco de Mayo in our overalls and skirts...
This calendar was very accurate..all the way down to the color of the coveralls...
That's really the only way to tell us apart.
But we were always happy!

That's the topper for the March calendar.
It was a windy month.
And just so you know it's a little difficult to make "wind" with the touch pad on your computer.

We were always sure to include birthdays and special events in these calendars.
As well as important characters such as "Pete" and "Peabrain" the Guinea and Peacock who appeared in February.

I would very much like to tell you that we made these long, long ago when I was quite young..
So I will.
It was long, long ago when Beenie was 18...
WE were so young back then...

Oh yes Beenie and I have had good times...

There's been some water trough sittin.. calf wranglin'...

..some of this....

...some of that...

..some "Queen of the mountain"...

...some "Maid of the mower"...

..some "Beenie goes to college"....

We even sledded on some grass once..
It was awesome.

Through thick and thin we have always been "Beenie and Ray-Ray".
Saying really dumb things.
Jammin out in the truck on the way to Sonic playin some air drums.

She once drank Hummingbird food and brushed her teeth with her face wash.
She is awesome.

She is my sister.
My friend.
My accomplice.
My "utha brutha Darrel"...

My Beenie.
Happy Birthday!!

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  1. I LOVE this!! This is absolutely my favorite post of all time. You really should try to get Hallmark in on those calenders ;)


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