Saturday, July 2

T9 and Its Trickery

"We're on the ratio."
"I don't know if pie will be cake to do that."
"I'm ML."

Oh man "wagon!" makes me laugh every time.  Um that was supposed to be "Yahoo!" but at the last second T9 on my phone decided that more than likely I meant "wagon!". 
As in "I'm so excited! Wagon!", "Wagon it's going to be so fun!".
Makes me look like a moron.

So T9 is supposed to kind of remember the words you use most often right? 
Evidently I use "pie" and "cake" much more frequently than "she" and "able" what does that say about me?
I also speak in measurements such as mililiters more often than I say "OK" and prefer to sit on the "ratio" as opposed to the "patio".
So frustrating.

I won't lie I get a little excited when my phone has words in it's repertoire that I don't "heifer"..whoda thunk it?
The thing has "heifer" but not "canola"..whatever.

My favorite is when I send Chuck a text that says "I gotta go milk my boys"..
Cows.  Not boys.
Darn you T9!

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