Tuesday, July 5

Redneck Riviera

As soon as it's above 60 degrees outside all people around here can think about is one thing..ice cream..the lake.
It doesn't matter if it's a sinkhole..if it holds water then more than likely people will be floating on it, wading in it, or laying out beside it. And they will be wearing things they shouldn't be wearing.

I am one of these people.

Actually I'm just the person laying out..I'm not real interested in getting in the water so much as it provides me with the excuse to lay out and get a tan.
Moment of honesty.
I mean I can't just drag my chair out into the dry cow lot and sunbathe for hours..psssssshhhh!
Do you know how many bugs there are out there?

Instead we go to Tellico or Fort Nasty-er I mean Fort Loudon and get our East Tennessee blue-jean-swim-trunk-wearin selves out and say a whole bunch of stupid stuff.
It's ridiculous. .I can't even begin..no..I won't..

There are a few requirements for this "Redneck Riviera" outing:

First you have to have a super-cute first mate..hehehe..

And it wouldn't be a true Tennessee outing without a mascot...

It's always nice to be reminded that you are, in fact, in the heart of "did you just see that?"ville..

At least two navigators...

Or in our case...three...

Wonderful, beautiful, amazing friends..

And hitchhikers on the back of the boat...
But they're cute so we kept them.

And this..whatever this is..
Everything was for sale, by the way..

Finally you wrap it all up with a beautiful East TN sunset!

I love lake days..I LIVE for lake days.  It's what keeps me keepin' on...well that and calves in feed troughs.
You know what the best part of going on the lake is?  The day after...when you pull out your camera, or look at your text messages SENT and see things like this...

Oh yes.

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