Tuesday, July 5


I used to be one of those people who would see someone wearing a bluetooth earpiece and immediately roll my eyes and think Really? How important do you think you are?
What was that?
I wear a bluetooth. There. I said it. Loud and proud.

But I don't wear mine in public..unless you consider driving to be public..in which case I'm guilty.  I just wear mine at work and it really does help..I'm actually addicted to it and more than likely have a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit because of it. 

There are a number of pros and cons to these things you see and until you wear one you will not be able to wrap your mind around some of them..but I'm gonna tell you anyway...

1.  There are a number of people like ME out there who will look at you and roll their eyes..be prepared.
2.  People will see you wearing this and ASSUME you LIKE talking on the phone. 
I. DO. NOT.  It simply provides me with the ability to do AWholeBunchOfStuff while talking on the phone.

It is because of #2 that I currently have 13 VOICEMAILS...grrrr.

1.  People think I'm talking to myself. 
This is very much a pro because then they also think I'm crazy..and who wants to give a crazy person bad news?
2.  I can do virtually anything and continue a conversation like I'm sitting on the patio having a glass of tea.
Breed cows, give shots, pull calves..though the teeth clenching I do when pulling calves is a dead giveaway..
Chuck:  "What have you been up to?"
Me(mid-pull, full teeth-clench):  "Nnnnottt mmmuchhhh..get you're head over there! Crazy butt quit lookin at me!  Push! You want this out or NOT? I can only pull SO MUCH!! What have you been up to honey?"

3.  The biggest pro are the situations that occur when people don't realize you're on the phone and the person on the other end of the line can hear everything that's happening around you..
I have had everything from Spanish to curse words come at me while being on the phone.  It's nice.
Especially when you're talking to someone you do business with.
Or your fiance'.
Or your mother.

A minute ago Eddie walked into the office and just started talking at me..about the manure separator..and do you wanna know what I heard?
The following is what I heard..the blue is Eddie..the red is Chuck who I am on the phone with...and I'm just listening..BTW Chuck loves to sing Jason Aldean songs...

Hey did you notice the separator kickin on yesterday? oh baby you can find me in the back of a jacked up tailgate.. Well it acts like it's not got a good connection. sittin around watchin all these pretty thangs..yeah yeah... I don't know if the float is messed up on it or what.get down in that Georgia clay..Tell the Hondurans..ner ner nerrrrrr ner ner nerrrr(electric guitar solo)bababannnnaaaanana that they need to get it flushed out so we can look at it.and I'll find PEACE in the middle of a tall tall cold drink...I just don't think it's workin right. chillin with some Skynyrd and some old Hank.. Ok well I'll take a look at it in an hour or so.let's get this thang started..it's my kind of partaaayyyyyyy!

I love my honey.
And my bluetooth.
And Jason Aldean.

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