Saturday, July 23

The Delay

I will always remember this as the time banana pudding saved the day.
Banana pudding and pain killers.
I mean..not together.  Totally separate.

Chuck successfully had 4 teeth extracted, said some goofy stuff, waved like a 3-year old to the ladies at the drugstore, and made it home.
4 teeth people.  That's a bunch.

By the time I made it home he was heavily medicated and had gauze-stuffed chipmunk cheeks.
He was also starving.
Unable to master the chicken and dumplings he turned to the banana pudding and is alive only because of it.
That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

That was one worry checked off my list.
The next worry will be continuous..or til next Sunday when the Heat and Mercy return.

Yes they made it to South Africa!
The Heat called me Thursday when they landed to tell me they were fine.
I don't normally answer random numbers..or my Dad..when they pop up on my phone however she took the satellite phone and when fourteen numbers appeared I knew it was her.
Heat:".......Well hey there!"
Me:"How ar---"
Heat:"Can you hear me? HELLO?"
Me:"....yes, I can. I mi----"
Heat:"HELLLLOOOOO? Are you there?"
Heat:".................Yes I can. We are here!"
Me:"Great! Well I ca-----"

The only thing I got from the conversation was that they were in baggage claim and they were OK.
Evidently there is a delay on the phone.

She called me yesterday...
Me:"HEY!ILoveYouAndMissYou!" (Totally gonna get that in before the confusion.)
Heat:".......hahaha well I miss you too! We just got back from a saf-asfhafhnwgk"
Yeah, I think she meant "safari".
Or it could have been "Sapphire".
Or "safety class".

All I know is I was standing in the middle of the gym yelling "A WHAT? A SAFARI? WHAAAAAT?"

I think when she calls today I'm gonna answer with;
That should about cover everything.

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