Wednesday, July 13

I Have an App for That

I am now officially caught up with the majority of the population..I have a "smart" phone.
And it does stuff like that picture above.
I'm tickled.

I know I said I wouldn't get one because it would never survive me but I had like $200 in instant rebates..
..and I was feelin..odd..
..and it was Monday.

Monday was a rough day.
I almost complained.
I almost cried.
I almost sweated more than I drank..almost.

The heat index was over 100 on Monday and the humidity was so thick I felt like I was working in a sauna.
And I had 4.Calves.Born.

Chuck called me at 8am and said "The news says to try not to be outside if you don't have to".
And I said "BAAAAAhahahahahahahaha  &%###  **&^%!!!. Really".
I had 4.Calves.Born.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE having calves because new babies=fresh cows=more milk=rockstar status.
That's how it breaks down.

HOWEVER, 4 bull calves makes me start thinkin I need to change things up a bit..
Maybe breed with the other hand?
Stand on one foot?
Sing "It's a Small World After All" while marching in place?

Getting a newfangled phone wasn't the ticket because I have had 8 calves born since Monday.
7. S-E-V-E-N. Were bulls.

The one I pulled yesterday was a GIANT!
I felt sorry for 8341 after it was all said and done.
I didn't think it was ever gonna all come out..all 85 lbs of HIM.
I'm considering adopting.

He is still a bit googly-eyed this morning so I will wait and take a pic, however I do have a picture of the SINGLE little lady I had yesterday...

That's just a sample of my brilliant photography skills..enhanced only by the little app-thing that I am learning about.

Oh hey! Fun fact: Once a cow has a calf (only then is she considered a cow) she is called "fresh" and can start her lactation.

That Jersey above milked 52 lbs this morning!
To put it in perspective that's 6 gallons!

I have had plenty of Holsteins milk that well but really never a Jersey.
It made me proud:).
GO 6925!!

I should make her a banner..or sash!!
Oh maybe I have an app for that...


  1. I think she deserves a real name for that...

  2. Have you been using sexed semen....maybe you need to tell your bull stud that you want the "female" sexed semen?

  3. Real name, okay? She definitely deserves it in a seven-bull week.

  4. Amo- Sheila?
    Kristy-i doon't use it on my cows..just heifers. Although I probably should now that it is more affordable..and I give Mike with Select hell;).
    Julie- I am sure they have come up with all sorts of names for me:).


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