Saturday, July 16

Little Ray of Sunshine

Generally speaking I am a 'glass half-full' 'look on the bright side' kind of gal.
Generally speaking.

It has been a rough week.

When the going gets tough I can usually pull out a high point or low-er point if needed..
I'm just a little ray of sunshine.
Generally speaking.

There have been a few times this week when I have just had to think about something else or simply ignore what's going on in hopes of pulling out a 'W'.

Then I found my breaking point...

1st Straw:
I am actually combining each and every time someone told me how "hot" it was outside.
The first 651 times I would respond with a "Oh yeah it is pretty hot" then about the 4000th time I would huff out a puff of breath and say "Really???? I hadn't noticed..." and then shoot daggers out of my eyes.

2nd Straw:
My new worker Manuel is quite possibly one of the most oblivious souls on earth.
I want to shake him and then flip him in the forehead.

Yesterday I told him to pick up the trash around their house and throw it away in the big garbage cans at the dairy. 
I got back from lunch and he had put THEIR garbage can IN the big garbage cans and wacky-wacky'd a hole in the flexible hose.
(They call the weed eater the "wacky-wacky"...and yes asAMatterOfFact I must call it that too.)

3rd Straw:
After I was finished using my eyes and tone of voice as weapons towards Manuel after his antics someone, some poor soul, said the following to me...
"Hey! Look on the bright side it's FRIDAY!!"


Final Straw:
I was watching the news last night and when it was over a show came on that was talking about how "Winter is just around the corner"
"Before you know it the cold weather will be upon us"
Then proceeded to show pictures of the fabulous snow from last Winter.

I nearly threw up.

My glass sprung a leak and all I could think about was how they.were.right.
Winter is almost here!
It's, like, halfway to August already!
School will start soon! (This has no effect on me whatsoever.)
Then it will be Fall!
Fall is short so it might as well be Winter!
I HATE cold weather!

Then I cried myself to sleep.

I am applying for ANY position in Florida.

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