Sunday, July 10

DQ Support

So I have embarked on the wedding planning journey..and not a moment too soon.
Just writing that stressed me out.

What I know now:
1.  It will be next March..I think..
2.  It will just be least that's the plan..
3.  It will be on the beach..I hope..
4.  I'm really bad at this..for sure..

So I'm almost finished, right?
Dream on hooker.

Don't get me wrong I am very much excited about marrying Chuck!  It's just this allergy I have.
It's nothing really.
I mean I just break out into hives..
..and have anxiety attacks..
and snore..loud..
It's the decision making allergy.

I can make decisions BUT
-and I will ONLY say this ONCE-
If I make a decision youBettaBelieve I'm not changing my mind!
So if you say "where do you wanna eat?"
and I say "It doesn't matter"
then you say "No. Really, where?"
and I follow with "I'm feeling healthy, how about KFC?"
then you respond "Eh..I'm not feelin the colonel"

But that's just an example.

I like making a decision, checking it off my list, and moving on.
No wishy-washyness here.

So I was feelin like I need a little pre-wedding planning support and picked Chuck as my cheerleader.
He's like, the perfect size.(Don't you DARE tell him I said THAT!).

A cheerleader needs a uniform..but it has to scream "I support my dairy-farmin' fiance'!!!"
And I found it.
And he wears it with pride.

What a guy:).
What a smile!
What a face I'm making..sassssayyyy..

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