Friday, July 1

By The Numbers

So...I went by the Heat's house a minute ago and definitely did a big exaggerated sigh...then I said something to the effect of "gohhhh I have been SO busy!  All I have had time to do today is work!"...

See it's not amusing until I mention the fact that SHE is the one who does the payroll around here..
So I said something like "OK well I gotta goDoThatThingWithTheStuffIt'sComplicated" and excused myself.

Anyway..yesterday was an exceptionally depressing work day.  I lost a calf, Melvin left, had to IV a cow, Chuck aggravated me, and had a couple more shots to give than I had hoped.
sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh.

This is my current the numbers:

1. The number of babies I had yesterday.

2.  The number of BABY TOMATOES that call me mama..the newest one is a doll and her name is Roma.

Yeah I took a picture..just wait until I have kids.

3.  The number of orphan kittens I have of which is Francine.  They all love me now by the probably helps that I am their only source of food, but I like to think it's my comforting yet bubbly personality.

4.  The number of people I have working for me who CAN'T UNDERSTAND ME..(counting Eddie).

5.  The number of people I work with who don't speak English..(counting Tim and Eddie).

6.  The number of different kinds of ice cream I made this week..White Chocolate Blackberry rocked my socks off by the way..

7.  A movie that made me unable to sleep alone for YEARS.

8.  A word that rhymes with very nearly everything.

9.  The number of lives the one-eared three-legged cat started out with..I hope she is keeping track.

10.  As in 10-4..that's police-talk for O.K.
      Just so you know.
      I'm a co-supervisor in case you forgot.

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